Modern Software Experience

2011-10-10 Dart
2011-10-06 Minimal Flash and Silverlight policy files
Useful emptiness.
2011-07-24 Plussing People
Puzzling plussing.
2011-07-19 How to sort Google+ Circles
Jumping through hoops.
2011-07-19 How to copy a Google+ circle
Not quite drag & drop.
2011-07-19 Twenty+ Google Chrome Extensions for Google+
Improving Google+.
2011-07-13 Number of People on Google+
Exponential growth.
2011-07-10 Google+
Double-Plus Good.
2011-06-12 IPv6 Now
IPv6 enabled.
2011-06-07 World IPv6 Day
Preparing for the IPocalypse.
2011-04-17 Hotlink Hustle
Leech Freeze.
2011-04-11 Site Stats & Facts
This site is a hit.
2011-03-22 The Last Redirection
Cleaning up after yourself.
2011-03-17 Moving the Site
Check and double-check.
2011-03-11 Frame Forwarding Problems
Standards-based but flawed.
2011-03-09 Why Frame Forwarding
Adventures in Frame Forwarding, or How not to host a Website.
2010-11-11 RockMelt Beta
Convoluted installation failure.
2010-09-29 Twitter Redesign
2010-09-20 ZoneAlarm Scare
ZoneAlarm joins the dark side.
2010-09-16 Internet Explorer 9 Beta
Microsoft Web Browser 1.0.
2010-09-03 Copyfine
Unfair use?
2010-05-07 Smart Short Linking
Not really short links.
2010-05-07 Embedding Tweets
TwitterMedia Blackbird Pie shows how not to.
2010-05-05 Tweet Style
Including tweets.
2010-01-08 Twitter Genealogy
Twitter for genealogists.
2009-11-20 Chromium OS
Chrome OS source available now.
2009-10-31 Twitter Lists
What and how, what not and how not.
2009-10-22 Linking Waves
Show some wave id.
2009-10-10 Citing Waves
Citing Waves is easier.
2009-10-10 Gadget Genealogy
Creating genealogy waves.
2009-10-10 The Wavy Way
Doing things the Google Wave way.
2009-10-09 Google Wave Preview Tips and Tricks
Must-know stuff.
2009-10-06 Tweeting from Google Wave
2009-10-05 A Visual Getting Started Guide for Google Wave
Lots of Google Wave webshots.
2009-10-01 Forcing Chrome Frame
Choice Framing.
2009-09-30 Detecting Chrome Frame
Detecting the absence of Chrome Frame by not detecting it.
2009-09-29 Supporting Chrome Frame
Tag, you're it.
2009-09-28 Chrome Frame Basics
Google Chrome inside Internet Explorer.
2009-09-25 Intranet Explorer isn’t a web browser
Web Renaissance.
2009-08-16 Google Wave Searching
Finding waves worth surfing.
2009-08-13 Google Wave settings
Phony Photo Protocol.
2009-08-12 Google Wave First Impressions
Waving Hello.
2009-08-05 Google Wave Jargon
beach banter.
2009-08-03 Google Wave Basic Tech Facts
Quick dive through the technologies below the surface.
2009-08-03 Google Wave Preview
Quick non-technical introduction.
2009-07-22 Automatic At Sign on Twitter Profile Links
Pure CSS solution for twitter convention.
2009-07-08 Chrome OS
Just announced, yet mostly already here.
2009-07-07 Synthetic Genealogy
A grave idea that rubs you the right way.
2009-07-06 Making a Photosynth
Tips and tricks from practice.
2009-07-06 Photosynth Primer
What it is and how to view it.
2009-07-01 A New Face
Design Changes.
2009-05-22 Tweeple Directories
Twitter directories for the people.
2009-05-05 Free FTP
Brief look at FileZilla, GoFTP, Core FTP and FireFTP.
2009-04-04 Hashtags
Name, origin, usage, placement, twittiquete, retweeting & directories
2009-03-26 Twitteristics
Twitter statistics, ranking and grading.
2009-03-21 TweepMe Effect
Open Letter to the TweepMe Tribe.
2009-03-20 TweepMe
Such a tweet deal.
2009-03-16 Two Passwords Twitter Tip
Simple and Safer than just handing over your password.
2009-03-13 Catching a ReTweet Thief?
ReTweet research techniques.
2009-03-09 Twitter is for microblogging
Why your link spam bot does not cut it.
2009-03-03 How to be a Twit and twannoy Tweeple
Twannoying twadvice.
2009-01-26 Follow Me On Twitter
Fitting a follow link into minimalist web design.
2009-01-22 Twitter Integration
Possibilities, considerations and choices.
2009-01-19 Bookmark This
Digg this, reddit this!, Furl it, Add to Mixx, Save to, Stumble it, Buzz up!, AddThis, ShareIt
2008-12-14 Blackbird Browser Beta
Black Adware.
2008-12-13 Google Chrome 1.0
Google Chrome version 1.0 lacks version 1.0 quality.
2008-11-27 LunaScape 5
One browser, two locales, three engines.
2008-11-02 Songbird 1.0
Replacing iTunes with an open media browser.
2008-11-01 Google reads images
Revealing graphic text.
2008-10-30 Microsoft Azure
Windows in the cloud.
2008-10-29 Microsoft and Google support OpenID?
Half-truths about one sided implementations.
2008-10-15 Flock 2.0
Browsing 2.0.
2008-09-26 SRWare Iron
Private Chrome.
2008-09-16 Get Google Chrome Features in Firefox
Chrome make-over for Firefox..
2008-09-15 Google Chrome Tips & Tricks
Various Google Chrome tips and tricks.
2008-09-14 World Wide Web Foundation
World Wide Web What?
2008-09-13 GazoPa
Similar search engines delivers dissimilar results.
2008-09-08 Google Chrome Technology
The technology of Google Chrome.
2008-09-05 Google Chrome First Look
A first look at Google Chrome.
2008-08-27 Apple iPhone add misleading
Apple is wrong, but the ASA ain't right.
2008-08-23 Expression Web 2.0
Microsoft expresses dislike for standards.
2008-08-18 Visual Search Engines
They’ve got the look? The state of the visual web search art.
2008-07-14 Facebook versus privacy
Facebook wants your privacy, but is not secure.
2008-07-28 Cuil
How cool is Cuil?
2008-07-18 MobileMe
New: a bad implementation of a bad idea.
2008-05-06 Opera Dragonfly Beta
Opera releases web developer tools.
2008-03-26 Adobe PhotoSteal Express
Adobe PhotoShop Express a license to steal?
2008-03-26 Apple Safari 3.1 Critical Vulnerabilities
Apple Safari 3.1 not secure.
2008-03-26 Apple Safari Illegal
Apple license forbids using Safari.
2008-03-18 Apple pushing Safari 3.1
Apple using Apple Software Update to push Safari.
2008-02-19 Mozilla starts Mozilla Messaging
The Mozilla Foundation creates Mozilla Messaging subsidiary.
2008-01-22 W3C releases first public working draft for HTML 5
Unified draft offers new features.
2008-01-19 Microsoft strong-arming start-ups to push Messenger?
Fortune Magazine's Josh Quittner on Microsoft business practices.
2008-01-15 New W3C recommendation: SPARQL
The W3C has promoted SPARQL, the query language for the Semantic Web, to an official recommendation.
2007-06-15 Apple Safari Speed claims debunked
Apple Safari speed claims rely on benchmark fudging.
2007-01-25 Expression Web 1.0