Modern Software Experience

2013-07-08 ANSEL Administratively Withdrawn
Status drop.
2013-06-04 GEDCOM X 1.0.0 M1
FamilySearch Family Tree API.
2013-05-31 GEDCOM X Converter 0.2: Changes
The GEDCOM X File Format has changed.
2013-05-18 LDS ANSEL versus LDS ANSEL
FamilySearch ANSEL is not ANSEL.
2013-05-14 GEDCOM ANSEL Table
GEDCOM 5.5.1 Appendix C.
2013-02-05 GEDCOM Lines
GEDCOM files are text files.
2012-09-07 Dutch Political Websites 2012
National Elections 2012; the websites.
2012-08-31 GEDCOM X: no industry standard
FamilySearch abandons GEDCOM X push.
2012-08-30 Chronoplex GEDCOM Validator
Yet another GEDCOM validator.
2012-08-15 GEDCOM X: FamilySearch First
GEDCOM X not vendor neutral.
2012-06-15 Multi-volume GEDCOM Files
Obsolete GEDCOM feature.
2012-06-06 GEDCOM X Converter
GEDCOM X is Spectacularly Inefficient.
2012-05-31 GEDCOM ADDR
Best Practice: A Structured Approach to GEDCOM Addresses.
2012-04-13 Sibling Torture Test
The Men with Thousand Siblings.
2012-02-02 BetterGEDCOM
Grassroots GEDCOM gang.
2012-02-02 OpenGen
Closed for business.
2012-02-02 FamilySearch releases GEDCOM X
GEDCOM X goes public.
2011-02-01 for genealogy.
2012-01-31 What does GEDCOM X mean?
What's in a name?
2012-01-09 The _UID tag
Common GEDCOM Extension.
2011-10-10 Dart
2011-10-06 Minimal Flash and Silverlight policy files
Useful emptiness.
2011-10-05 The SourceTemplates Initiative
2011-07-15 GEDCOM SOUR and DEST
What the standard should have told you.
2011-06-12 IPv6 Now
IPv6 enabled.
2011-06-07 World IPv6 Day
Preparing for the IPocalypse.
2011-05-10 GEDCOM Validation
GedChk? VGED about it.
2011-04-20 Genealogy Application Icons 2011
Small Issue: Large Icons.
2009-02-04 Vista Genealogy Icons
Who's got the look?
2008-10-29 Microsoft and Google support OpenID?
Half-truths about one sided implementations.
2008-09-14 World Wide Web Foundation
World Wide Web What?
2008-08-27 Apple iPhone add misleading
Apple is wrong, but the ASA ain't right.
2008-08-10 Marking Permalinks
How to mark permalinks.
2008-08-10 Permalink Best Practice
Guidelines for permalinks.
2008-08-09 Social Bookmarking Overload
Bookmark ribbons considered harmful.
2008-06-01 Microsoft documents more Office File Formats
Office documentation, version 1.0.
2008-01-28 SEPA becoming Real
Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) standards to harmonise European banking.
2008-01-17 Microsoft to release binary office document formats
Microsoft will release binary Office document formats before next OOXML meeting.
2008-01-22 W3C releases first public working draft for HTML 5
Unified draft offers new features.
2008-01-05 Palm no longer providing JVM
Palm JVM download no longer available.
2007-08-10 OhmiGene adds UTF-16 support
The latest version of ohmiGene supports UTF-16 and drops GmC.