Modern Software Experience

2014-02-28 RootsMagic for Android 1.0
RootsMagic for Android lacks the Magic.
2013-12-14 Family Tree Maker for Mac 3
Family Tree Maker 2014 for Mac
2013-09-08 Six Things to know about Family Tree Maker 2014
New Family Tree Maker 6.
2013-06-25 Family Tree Maker World Express
Family Tree Maker for free.
2013-02-22 AKG K514 Mk II
Lightweight sounds good, looks great.
2013-02-10 WieWasWie GEDCOM
Headless GEDCOM.
2012-12-19 RootsMagic 6
Biggest improvement is elsewhere.
2012-12-18 RootsMagic App for iDevices
Free companion app.
2012-12-12 TelGen GedFamilies
TelGen Families GEDCOM Edition.
2012-11-24 FamilyGTG 1.0
Android genealogy viewer.
2012-09-19 Rootsy
Quick look at rudimentary family hub.
2012-08-30 Chronoplex GEDCOM Validator
Yet another GEDCOM validator.
2012-06-28 PeoplePlotr
Limited, expensive & awkward family tree mode.
2012-06-13 ScionPC 8.0
Quick Look: surname vandalism & application documentation.
2012-06-11 KiN2
Are you kin2 me?
2012-05-24 GEDSpy 0.9
Quick Look: small fan value & limited GEDCOM support.
2012-05-09 AncestorSync Beta 2012
New Beta syncs New Family Tree Maker with Geni.
2012-05-03 Chronoplex My Family Tree 2.0
Quick Look at Major Improvements.
2012-04-09 Dutch Roots
English Guide to Dutch Genealogy.
2012-03-02 GedStar Pro Fan Value
Import performance problem.
2012-03-01 SourceQuest ezGED 1.0 Fan Value
Planned improvements.
2012-03-01 TelGen Families Fan Value
Legacy limitation.
2012-02-03 Behold 1.0
Seventeen years in the making
2012-01-26 Samsung Galaxy S
Yesteryear's Android smartphone.
2012-01-21 RootsMagic 5 Fan Value
Non-default choices.
2012-01-21 Legacy Family Tree 7.5 Fan Value
Access limits.
2012-01-21 Family Tree Maker 2012 Fan Value
Unfixed defect.
2012-01-21 Family Tree Maker 16 Fan Value
Illegal tags.
2012-01-15 VGedX
Command-line GEDCOM validator.
2011-07-26 GenDetective Reports
Out of memory.
2011-06-10 Getting Started with GenDetective
Ten-Step Welcome Wizard.
2011-06-09 GenDetective Introduction
Genealogy research assistant.
2011-05-17 Ancestry Web Search
Site search plus.
2011-05-13 TMG 8 Public Beta
Time-warp back to the previous millennium.
2011-05-03 DVDMediaSoft Genealogy Research Software
copy & paste product eBay profits.
2011-03-15 Agelong Tree 4.0
The name is honest.
2011-01-06 GenoPro 2011
Genogram diagramming tool.
2010-12-31 Branches 1.0
Insert fake testimonial here.
2010-12-28 MagiKey Family Tree
Ten year old application is crash-happy.
2010-12-18 Ancestory
the world’s first fully interactive multi-media family tree builder
2010-12-17 Ancestral Quest Basics
Free PAF replacement.
2010-12-06 StamboomNederland: conclusion
Poor webapp is no e-depot.
2010-12-04 Geves 2.0 Beta
Cannot read GEDCOM, cannot write GEDCOM.
2010-11-30 Family Tree Builder 5.0
Ill-mannered application disrecommended.
2010-11-22 Family Tree Maker on Vista 64-bit
Showstopping three-year old 32-bit design defect.
2010-11-11 RockMelt Beta
Convoluted installation failure.
2010-11-03 Gaia Family Tree Features
Glamour model refuses GEDCOM duty.
2010-11-02 Gaia Family Tree Installation
You are already registered. Please register again.
2010-10-27 StamboomNederland Paid Features
Paying for GEDCOM, collaboration, media & reports.
2010-10-18 StamboomNederland Search
No options.
2010-10-10 StamboomNederland GEDCOM Quality
The Mystery of the Disappearing Sources.
2010-10-03 StamboomNederland GEDCOM Export
Raw deal.
2010-10-01 The New We're Related
More advertising.
2010-09-26 StamboomNederland GEDCOM Import
Import issues.
2010-09-16 Internet Explorer 9 Beta
Microsoft Web Browser 1.0.
2010-09-14 BackupMyTree
Repeat performance.
2010-09-12 StamboomNederland Consistency Checks
None at all.
2010-09-11 Getting Started with StamboomNederland: Online Editing
Hurried & slow.
2010-09-09 Getting Started with StamboomNederland: Projects
Public project? Public email.
2009-09-08 StamboomNederland & Verborgen Verleden
Where Do You Think URL?
2010-09-07 StamboomNederland: First Impressions
Family Tree Netherlands.
2010-08-31 Book: Which Genealogy Program?
An eye for detail?
2010-07-10 FamilyLink Desktop 1.0
FamilyLink PhotoRobber.
2010-06-17 Logitech LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse
Best Logitech mouse yet.
2010-06-17 Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
Typetastic minimalism.
2010-06-14 Family Forest National Treasure Edition
Hollywood genealogy starring Nicolas Cage.
2010-05-21 Progeny Family Explorer
Nice charts from dated genealogy viewer.
2010-04-06 FamilyLink Plus
Plus adds non-existent features - for a fee.
2010-03-24 Family ChArtist
ChArtistry for the rest of us?
2010-02-01 Apple iPad: iPhone XL
Steve Jobs introduces a product page.
2009-12-27 RootsMagic 4
Rebuild recommended.
2009-12-22 MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 4.0
Fundamentally flawed.
2009-12-18 MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 4.0 installation
2009-12-12 Mundia First Look goes social on FaceBook.
2009-12-01 Behold 0.99.2 Beta GEDCOM
Behold goes Unicode.
2009-11-27 MyBlood 1.0
Better than Family Tree Maker?
2009-10-23 Daub Ages! 1.53
Seriously good features with serious weaknesses.
2009-11-20 RootsMagic Essentials
Essentially RootsMagic for free.
2009-11-04 FamilySearch Community Trees
The Mystery of the Living dead.
2009-09-28 Chrome Frame Basics
Google Chrome inside Internet Explorer.
2009-09-16 Embla Family Treasures 8
Treasure trouble.
2009-09-11 Embla Family Treasures 8 GEDCOM
2009-08-23 New York Nieuw-Amsterdam
Dutch origins of Manhattan.
2009-08-17 WorldVitalRecords
Cheap site.
2009-08-11 GenSeek on Facebook
GenSeek shows it new face.
2009-08-09 RootsMagic PAF Import
data divorce.
2009-08-07 RootsMagic Alternate Names
Sorting out the sort problem.
2009-07-29 WorldHistory FaceBook Games
History Quiz: Remember when they introduced History Warrior?
2009-07-29 WorldHistory
copy & paste history in the mix
2009-07-21 FamilyLink My Family
Sticky Figures.
2009-06-15 Best Norton Utility
The best Symantec software is free.
2009-06-09 MyHeritage wins Award?
MyHeritage PADding itself on back.
2009-06-03 How Geni beats We’re Related
How come Geni is three times as good?
2009-05-24 Dutch Political Web Sites 2009
European elections 2009: the Dutch political web sites
2009-05-05 Free FTP
Brief look at FileZilla, GoFTP, Core FTP and FireFTP.
2009-05-03 New FamilyLink Site integrates with FaceBook
We're Related on the web.
2009-04-29 RootsMagic 4 Consistency Checks
Consistent results.
2009-04-09 RootsMagic 4 Web Pages
Hardly changed?
2009-03-25 RootsMagic 4 GEDCOM
Need 4 speed?
2009-02-28 Compaq Presario SR5215
My Vista PC.
2009-02-04 Vista Genealogy Icons
Who's got the look?
2009-02-02 GenSeek
Seek and ye shall find 2.0.
2009-02-01 FamilyLink Site
Two new sites.
2009-01-17 My Family Health Portrait
Sick program may get healthy competition.
2009-01-08 First Look at RootsMagic 4 Preview
Promising more features.
2009-01-06 Behold release disappoints
Same old code.
2008-12-15 Family Tree Maker 2009
FTM 2008 Take Two.
2008-12-14 Blackbird Browser Beta
Black Adware.
2008-12-13 Google Chrome 1.0
Google Chrome version 1.0 lacks version 1.0 quality.
2008-12-12 Family Tree Maker 2009 Technology
Dated components.
2008-12-06 MyBlood 1.0 Alpha 1
Brand new program’s pre-release does not impress.
2008-11-22 Family Historian 3.1.2
Vendor claims 100 % GEDCOM compatibility, but cannot handle GEDCOM files.
2008-11-02 Songbird 1.0
Replacing iTunes with an open media browser.
2008-10-15 Flock 2.0
Browsing 2.0.
2008-09-28 FamilyTreeFactory 6
Charting program is GEDCOM converter.
2008-09-15 Google Chrome Tips & Tricks
Various Google Chrome tips and tricks.
2008-09-09 Google Chrome Impact
The impact of Google Chrome.
2008-09-13 GazoPa
Similar search engines delivers dissimilar results.
2008-09-13 Footnote is not Facebook
Facebook for the Dead?
2008-09-08 Google Chrome Technology
The technology of Google Chrome.
2008-09-05 Google Chrome First Look
A first look at Google Chrome.
2008-08-23 Expression Web 2.0
Microsoft expresses dislike for standards.
2008-08-18 Visual Search Engines
They’ve got the look? The state of the visual web search art.
2008-08-04 TribalJunction
Fish Tank Boarding School Genealogy.
2008-08-02 Relatives 1.0
Graphical performance.
2008-07-28 Cuil
How cool is Cuil?
2008-07-18 MobileMe
New: a bad implementation of a bad idea.
2008-07-08 More about Legacy Charting
Zooming in for a closer look.
2008-07-05 AncestralSpace
Genealogical community without genealogical features.
2008-06-28 Map My Ancestors 1.0
A new program for showing your data in Google Earth.
2008-06-27 Family Tree Pilot 1.0
New tree drawing program.
2008-06-26 FamilyLink introduces WebTree
FamilyLink promises amazing charts, confuses records with ancestors.
2008-06-26 Legacy 7
Unresolved issues.
2008-05-25 GEDCOM Import Speed GedStar Basic 5.2, GedStar Pro 3.2 & GedWise 6.2
Additional measurements for the GEDCOM Import Speed overview.
2008-05-24 GEDCOM Import Speed Legacy Charting & GENViewer 1.15
Additional measurements for the GEDCOM Import Speed overview.
2008-05-23 Heredis 10
French genealogy program Heredis version 10 for Windows.
2008-05-22 GEDCOM Import Speed PAF 5, Legacy 6 & RootsMagic 3.2.5
Additional measurements for the GEDCOM Import Speed overview.
2008-05-13 Geni adds GEDCOM GEDCOM support; issues and performance.
2008-05-12 Genea 1.4.1 GEDCOM performance
A look at GEDCOM import speed now that Genea version 1.4.1 imports and exports GEDCOM files.
2008-05-07 Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 3
FTM2008 SP3 and GEDCOM import speed.
2008-05-06 The Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 3 Beta Experience
Family Tree Maker 2008: Beta Software.
2008-05-04 Hereditree 2008
New Australian genealogy program.
2008-04-04 Aldfaer 4.0
Fourth major release of popular Dutch genealogy program.
2008-03-15 A Short Look at LongFamilyHistory
A first look at a new genealogy program.
2008-03-04 Millennia introduces Legacy Charting
A first look at Millennia’s entry into genealogy charting software.
2008-02-28 Genea 1.2
Genea 1.2 adds GEDCOM import, making it ripe for review.
2008-01-15 The Master Genealogist Version 7
Review of Wholly Genes’ TMG version 7.
2008-01-15 Palm releases Palm Desktop for Vista
Release Notes: Palm has released to long awaited Palm Desktop for Windows.
2007-12-24 WinGeno 1.0
Genogram editor.
2007-12-20 GeneAwards 2007
Best and worst of genealogy 2007.
2007-12-12 WinFamily 7
Announced back in 2004, WinFamily 7 is here.
2007-11-27 MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 2.0
Free download includes Smart Matching, or does it?
2007-08-14 Family Tree Maker 2008 released
FTM2008 out of beta and now selling as successor to FTM16.
2007-07-10 Early look at Family Tree Maker 2008 Beta
Family Tree Maker 2008 Open Beta, first impressions.
2007-06-27 First try of Geves
First look at a new genealogy application that the author bills as the Ultimate Genealogy Software.
2007-05-30 Ancestral Quest 12
Ancestral Quest still disappoints PAF user.
2007-01-25 Expression Web 1.0
2006-12-21 Best and Worst of Genealogy 2006
A few awards.
2006-12-20 GenoPro 2007
Review of GenoPro 2.0, now known as GenoPro 2007.