Modern Software Experience

2013-08-30 Brightsolid Split
2013-07-08 ANSEL Administratively Withdrawn
Status drop.
2013-06-28 FamilySearch officially abandons PAF
More than a decade late, PAF abandonment becomes official.
2013-06-25 Family Tree Maker World Express
Family Tree Maker for free.
2013-06-04 GEDCOM X 1.0.0 M1
FamilySearch Family Tree API.
2013-02-10 WieWasWie GEDCOM
Headless GEDCOM.
2013-01-28 Genlias Servers retired
Genlias gone.
2012-12-18 RootsMagic App for iDevices
Free companion app.
2012-12-17 WieWasWie Update: RealSoonNow
2012-12-10 Google+ Genealogy Communities
Google+ Genealogy Community Guidance.
2012-11-09 Online Genealogy Consistency Checks
Genealogy sites check your genealogy.
2012-11-05 The Ancestry Permira Deal
Private Negotiations.
2012-10-30 AncestorSync Connect
Yet Another Beta: Release Candidate 2.
2012-08-17 Family Tree Maker 2013
Good news: no Family Tree Maker 2013.
2012-08-15 GEDCOM X: FamilySearch First
GEDCOM X not vendor neutral.
2012-07-02 WieWasWie Beta
Who was Who.
2012-07-01 FamilySearch Family Tree Public
FinallySearch Finally Tree.
2012-06-11 KiN2
Are you kin2 me?
2012-06-06 GEDCOM X Converter
GEDCOM X is Spectacularly Inefficient.
2012-06-04 Leiden Missing Links Project
Leiden links baptisation, marriage and burial records 1580-1811.
2012-05-09 AncestorSync Beta 2012
New Beta syncs New Family Tree Maker with Geni.
2012-05-04 introduces AncestryDNA goes autosomal.
2012-04-09 Dutch Roots
English Guide to Dutch Genealogy.
2012-02-16 MyHeritage selling Family Tree DNA Tests
Yet another Family Tree DNA reseller.
2012-02-02 FamilySearch releases GEDCOM X
GEDCOM X goes public.
2011-02-01 for genealogy.
2012-01-27 Brightsolid introduces
Brightsolid enters American market.
2012-01-24 Family Graph API SDK for Android and iOS
MyHeritage API goes mobile.
2011-12-22 FamilySearch Family Tree API Public
Private API is public now.
2011-12-07 openSNP
Open genetic data.
2011-11-24 Vrouwekerk Plaque
Pilgrim Church Plague.
2011-11-21 MyHeritage buys FamilyLink
The revolution has been sold.
2011-11-03 Many Hands
Public crowd-sourcing.
2011-11-03 Dutch Militia Registers
Crowd-sourced Dutch records.
2011-10-05 Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011
2011-10-05 The SourceTemplates Initiative
2011-09-27 Ancestry for Android Beta
Ancestry goes Android.
2011-09-23 Progeny Embroidery Charts
Family tree fashion.
2011-09-09 Family Tree Maker Complete
New Family Tree Maker bundle lacks appeal.
2011-09-01 MyHeritage App Competition
Seven thousand Euri for YourApp.
2011-08-18 Ancestry renames Footnote to Fold3
Footnote folded, Fold3 unfolded.
2011-08-15 MyHeritage Family Graph API
Yet Another Genealogy API
2011-08-01 Family Tree Maker 2012 Public Beta
Dropbox Ancestry.
2011-07-31 GED-inline
A Brand New GEDCOM Validator.
2011-06-12 IPv6 Now
IPv6 enabled.
Preparing for the IPocalypse.
2011-05-22 Family Tree Builder 5.1 adds Direct Import
MyImport not interested in legacy applications.
2010-11-04 Family Tree Maker for Mac is back
Last year's Windows product on Macintosh today.
2010-10-13 New Site Regional Archive Leiden
Online access to scans.
2010-10-05 Some Family Tree Maker for Mac Details
Ready to convert?
2010-09-30 FamilyLink MyFamily: going, going, gone?
Stick Figures stuck in limbo.
2010-04-09 Shoebox adds handy feature.
2010-02-05 MyHeritage growing through Acquisitions
Acquire, acquire, acquire.
2010-02-01 Apple iPad: iPhone XL
Steve Jobs introduces a product page.
2009-12-12 Mundia First Look goes social on FaceBook.
2009-08-23 New York Nieuw-Amsterdam
Dutch origins of Manhattan.
2009-07-15 FamilyLink abandoning FamilyLink
FamilyLink facts, opinion and speculation.
2009-07-12 MyHeritage lowering Limit again
2009-07-09 GenealogyWise
Another for genealogists.
2009-07-08 Chrome OS
Just announced, yet mostly already here.
2009-05-05 Windows 7 Release Candidate
Vista successor is XP compatible.
2009-05-03 New FamilyLink Site integrates with FaceBook
We're Related on the web.
2009-05-01 Pilgrims welcomed in Leiden again
Four hundredth Anniversary of the Arrival of the Pilgrims in Leiden.
2009-05-01 New Pilgrim Archives Web Site
Pilgrim museum director unveils Pilgrim Archives web site at invitation of Pilgrim museum curator.
2009-01-23 Return To Maker
National action against junk mail.
2009-02-12 Grumblings disconnects distant cousins.
2009-02-05 Family Tree Maker 2009 Service Pack 1 Available
Install registers problem.
2009-02-02 GenSeek
Seek and ye shall find 2.0.
2009-02-01 FamilyLink Site
Two new sites.
2009-01-13 1911 Census is Live
Hatches battened to weather heavy visitor storm.
2009-01-03 RootsMagic 4 Preview
RootsMagic 4 revealed.
2009-01-02 MyHeritage hijacking homepages
MyHeritage switches search engine of Family Tree Builder users.
2009-01-01 Zune Revival
All is Quiet on New Year's Day.
2008-12-22 GeneAwards 2008
Best and worst of genealogy 2008.
2008-12-15 Family Tree Maker 2009
FTM 2008 Take Two.
2008-12-14 Blackbird Browser Beta
Black Adware.
2008-12-13 Google Chrome 1.0
Google Chrome version 1.0 lacks version 1.0 quality.
2008-12-06 MyBlood 1.0 Alpha 1
Brand new program’s pre-release does not impress.
2008-11-27 LunaScape 5
One browser, two locales, three engines..
2008-11-22 Family Historian 3.1.2
Vendor claims 100 % GEDCOM compatibility, but cannot handle GEDCOM files.
2008-11-08 LongFamilyHistory 2.0
Version 2.0 is an improvement.
2008-11-01 Google reads images
Revealing graphic text.
2008-10-31 Time Invention of the Year 2008
DNA tests at your local discount store.
2008-10-31 Windows 7 PDC Build
Changes are coming.
2008-10-30 Microsoft Azure
Windows in the cloud.
2008-10-29 Microsoft and Google support OpenID?
Half-truths about one sided implementations.
2008-10-15 Flock 2.0
Browsing 2.0.
2008-10-15 It’s Our Tree Home Edition 1.0
Anorexic application lacks the muscle to move.
2008-10-14 Windows 6.1 is now Windows 7
Seven is the new eleven.
2008-10-06 Mono 2.0
Open Source .NET 2.0.
2008-09-26 SRWare Iron
Private Chrome.
2008-09-25 GenSoftReviews
Consumer genealogy reviews.
2008-09-20 We’re Related users to be spammed?
Paul Allen planning promotional mailings…
2008-09-14 World Wide Web Foundation
World Wide Web What?
2008-09-13 GazoPa
Similar search engines delivers dissimilar results.
2008-09-13 Footnote is not Facebook
Facebook for the Dead?
2008-08-23 Expression Web 2.0
Microsoft expresses dislike for standards.
2008-08-22 Confucius Cup 2008
The torture test for the titans of genealogy software.
2008-08-16 Visual Search Engines
They’ve got the look? The state of the visual web search art.
2008-08-16 Confucius Cascade
A practical approach to testing slow genealogy software.
2008-08-11 The Confucius Challenge
Only the best software need to try.
2008-08-09 Two Huge GEDCOM Files
A different species.
2008-08-04 TribalJunction
Fish Tank Boarding School Genealogy.
2008-08-02 knol is a turnip
Knol isn’t a lemon.
2008-08-02 Relatives 1.0
Graphical performance.
2008-07-28 Cuil
How cool is Cuil?
2008-07-18 MobileMe
New: a bad implementation of a bad idea.
2008-07-18 Family History Hosting
John Cardinal has a second site.
2008-07-16 Genealogical Record: Largest Documented Family Tree
Ten thousand ancestors and descendants documented.
2008-07-10 Modern Genealogy Beta
Beta sign-up for new genealogy software.
2008-07-05 AncestralSpace
Genealogical community without genealogical features.
2008-07-04 Free defragmentation tools for Windows
Quick overview of defrag tools for Windows.
2008-07-01 Microsoft documents more Office File Formats
Office documentation, version 1.0.
2008-07-01 Family Tree Maker 2009 Beta Test calls for FTM 2009 Beta Testers.
2008-06-26 Legacy 7
Unresolved issues.
2008-06-20 sues Millennia for trademark infringement
Picks on leaf from another tree. Comparison shows design to be unoriginal.
2008-05-13 Geni adds GEDCOM GEDCOM support; issues and performance.
2008-05-12 Genea 1.4.1 GEDCOM performance
A look at GEDCOM import speed now that Genea version 1.4.1 imports and exports GEDCOM files.
2008-05-08 Windows XP Service Pack 3 disables Internet Explorer 7 uninstall
What XP SP3 does to IE7, and what Microsoft should do.
2008-05-07 Family Tree Maker 2008 Service Pack 3
FTM2008 SP3 and GEDCOM import speed..
2008-05-06 Opera Dragonfly Beta
Opera releases web developer tools.
2008-05-04 Hereditree 2008
New Australian genealogy program.
2008-04-04 Aldfaer 4.0
Fourth major release of popular Dutch genealogy program.
2008-03-26 Adobe PhotoSteal Express
Adobe PhotoShop Express a license to steal?
2008-03-26 Apple Safari 3.1 Critical Vulnerabilities
Apple Safari 3.1 not secure.
2008-03-26 Apple Safari Illegal
Apple license forbids using Safari.
2008-03-18 Apple pushing Safari 3.1
Apple using Apple Software Update to push Safari.
2008-03-15 A Short Look at LongFamilyHistory
A first look at a new genealogy program.
2008-03-04 Millennia introduces Legacy Charting
A first look at Millennia’s entry into genealogy charting software.
2008-02-28 Genea 1.2
Genea 1.2 adds GEDCOM import, making it ripe for review.
2008-02-19 Mozilla starts Mozilla Messaging
The Mozilla Foundation creates Mozilla Messaging subsidiary.
2008-02-17 Genealogical Record: Largest Family Tree
Confucius say: so many descendants.
2008-02-15 Microsoft releases Office file formats
Microsoft posts some Office binary file formats under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise.
2008-01-24 Dutch Minister of Justice an Illegal Alien?
Dutch minister is not who he says he is?
2008-01-22 W3C releases first public working draft for HTML 5
Unified draft offers new features.
2008-01-19 Microsoft strong-arming start-ups to push Messenger?
Fortune Magazine's Josh Quittner on Microsoft business practices.
2008-01-17 Microsoft to release binary office document formats
Microsoft will release binary Office document formats before next OOXML meeting.
2008-01-15 New W3C recommendation: SPARQL
The W3C has promoted SPARQL, the query language for the Semantic Web, to an official recommendation.
2008-01-15 The Master Genealogist Version 7
Review of Wholly Genes’ TMG version 7.
2008-01-15 Palm releases Palm Desktop for Vista
Palm has released to long awaited Palm Desktop for Windows.
2008-01-11 inviting Family Tree Maker 2008 Patch Testers FTM blog invites FTM 2008 users to become patch testers.
2008-01-05 Palm no longer providing JVM
Palm JVM download no longer available.
2007-12-24 WinGeno 1.0
Genogram editor.
2007-12-12 WinFamily 7
Announced back in 2004, WinFamily 7 is here.
2007-08-27 Internet Biographical Collection appropriating ancestries
2007-08-14 Family Tree Maker 2008 released
FTM2008 out of beta and now selling as successor to FTM16.
2007-06-15 Apple Safari Speed claims debunked
Apple Safari speed claims rely on benchmark fudging.
2007-05-30 Ancestral Quest 12
Ancestral Quest still disappoints PAF user.
2007-01-25 Expression Web 1.0
2006-12-20 GenoPro 2007
Review of GenoPro 2.0, now known as GenoPro 2007.