Modern Software Experience

2009-07-07 Synthetic Genealogy
A grave idea that does not rub you.
2009-07-06 Making a Photosynth
Tips and tricks from practice.
2009-07-06 Photosynth Primer
What it is and how to view it.
2009-06-24 Ancestry using Silverlight
Microsoft case study not positive about Flash genealogy.
2009-05-05 Windows 7 Release Candidate
Vista successor is XP compatible.
2009-01-01 Zune Revival
All is Quiet on New Year's Day.
2008-11-27 LunaScape 5
One browser, two locales, three engines..
2008-10-31 Windows 7 PDC Build
Changes are coming.
2008-10-30 Microsoft Azure
Windows in the cloud.
2008-10-29 Microsoft and Google support OpenID?
Half-truths about one sided implementations.
2008-10-14 Windows 6.1 is now Windows 7
Seven is the new eleven.
2008-10-06 Mono 2.0
Open Source .NET 2.0.
2008-08-23 Expression Web 2.0
Microsoft expresses dislike for standards.
2008-07-01 Microsoft documents more Office File Formats
Office documentation, version 1.0.
2008-05-08 Windows XP Service Pack 3 disables Internet Explorer 7 uninstall
What XP SP3 does to IE7, and what Microsoft should do.
2008-02-15 Microsoft releases Office file formats
Microsoft posts some Office binary file formats under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise.
2008-01-19 Microsoft strong-arming start-ups to push Messenger?
Fortune Magazine's Josh Quittner on Microsoft business practices.
2008-01-17 Microsoft to release binary office document formats
Microsoft will release binary Office document formats before next OOXML meeting.
2007-05-15 Windows FormatMessage Limitations
Documented limitations, documentation errors, issues, and a much needed va_list sample.
2007-01-25 Expression Web 1.0