Modern Software Experience

2014-04-15 Desktop versus Web Genealogy Software
One or the other? Mu!
2014-04-03 Desktop and Cloud
Desktop versus Cloud? No, not really.
2014-03-20 Some Uncommon Technology Advice
2014-03-12 International Museum for Family History
Family Museum will open soon.
2014-03-04 Genealogy is never done
I'm done with Genealogy is never done..
2014-01-28 GEDCOM Plugin for Notepad++
GEDCOM Editing++.
2014-01-21 WikiTree API
Yet another genealogy API.
2014-01-01 GeneAwards 2013
Best and Worst of 2013.
2013-12-31 Genealogy 2013: events & trends
Genealogy industry retrospective.
2013-11-27 GeneaBlog Awards 2013
Genealogy Blog Awards 2013
2013-11-26 GEDCOM Validator Identifier Handling
GEDCOM validators tested.
Funeral Saviour of Leiden re-enacted.
2013-10-29 FamiLinx
Nameless Geniology.
2013-10-04 Vertical Tab in GEDCOM
FamilySearch PAF exports illegal character
2013-09-18 GEDCOM Identifiers: Characters
Legal and illegal characters.
2013-09-17 GEDCOM Identifiers: Pointer Syntax
Colon and exclamation mark.
2013-09-09 GEDCOM Identifiers: CONC and CONT
GEDCOM syntax error.
2013-09-08 Six Things to know about Family Tree Maker 2014
New Family Tree Maker 6.
2013-08-29 GEDCOM Version
A Version Number isn't Free-Form Text.
2013-08-28 Family Tree Maker 2014: New Features's What's New list omits biggest new feature?
2013-08-11 FNU LNU MNU UNK
Unknown surname conventions.
2013-08-11 The Lnu Family Mystery
Mysterious census result.
2013-08-10 Unk is a Real Name
Unk is not Unknown.
2013-07-31 Open Source GEDCOM Parsers
Ready-made GEDCOM support
2013-06-24 Switching from PAF
How-To, Problems and Solutions
2013-06-04 GEDCOM X 1.0.0 M1
FamilySearch Family Tree API.
2013-06-03 Evaluating the GEDCOM X Converter
Random GEDCOM files won't do.
2013-05-31 GEDCOM X Converter 0.2: Changes
The GEDCOM X File Format has changed.
2013-05-23 Finding Ancestral Loops
Fundamental feature is rare.
2013-05-18 LDS ANSEL versus LDS ANSEL
FamilySearch ANSEL is not ANSEL.
2013-05-14 GEDCOM ANSEL Table
GEDCOM 5.5.1 Appendix C.
2013-04-21 GEDCOM Form
Some GEDCOM are more equal than others.
2013-04-21 ZEDCOM
2013-04-11 GEDCOM _STS
Common GEDCOM HEADER extension.
2013-04-11 GEDCOM Reader Memory Usage
GEDCOM record counts.
2013-03-26 GEDCOM Order of Children
User preference.
2013-03-20 The Most Common Genealogy Mistake
The consistency check you need most.
2013-03-14 Common GEDCOM Identifier Naming Convention
What genealogists want.
2013-03-11 GEDCOM Identifiers: Length
How long is an identifier?
2013-02-08 The Smallest GEDCOM File
Minimal GEDCOM.
2013-02-05 GEDCOM Lines
GEDCOM files are text files.
2013-01-28 Genlias Servers retired
Genlias gone.
2013-01-21 One Database or Multiple Databases
Multiple reasons for one database.
2013-01-11 Fan Value and the WWW Tag
Erroneous error is no failure.
2013-01-06 PAWriter 102 Format GEDCOM Command
2013-01-02 Genlias
Dutch civil records index.
2013-01-01 GeneAwards 2012
Best and Worst of 2012.
2012-12-31 Genealogy Trends 2012
Petitioning for early census release while waiting for app to sync celebrity matches.
2012-12-30 Genealogy 2012
Genealogy industry retrospective.
2012-11-30 MyHeritage gobbles Geni not going or gone.
2012-11-27 Also Known As
Switching from PAF to RootsMagic.
2012-11-18 Effective Genealogy Checking
Consistent advice & plausible tips.
2012-11-16 Inconsistent Genealogy Free Zone
No inconsistent genealogy allowed.
2012-11-08 Integrated Consistency Checking
Multithreading for genealogy.
2012-11-07 Consistency Check Reminder
Genealogy software feature.
2012-09-23 MyHeritage Matching
WorldVitalRecordMatching; MyHeritage Matching makes it harder to match MyHeritage.
2012-09-07 Dutch Political Websites 2012
National Elections 2012; the websites.
2012-08-31 GEDCOM X: no industry standard
FamilySearch abandons GEDCOM X push.
2012-08-21 WikiTree GEDCOM
Third party fix.
2012-08-15 GEDCOM X: FamilySearch First
GEDCOM X not vendor neutral.
2012-07-24 Why PAF is still popular
Popular Ancient Freeware.
2012-07-23 A Brief History of Personal Ancestral File
Ten Years On.
2012-06-15 Multi-volume GEDCOM Files
Obsolete GEDCOM feature.
2012-05-31 GEDCOM ADDR
Best Practice: A Structured Approach to GEDCOM Addresses.
2012-05-16 How big are the USA Census?
Census size is constant, but record count is not.
2012-05-09 AncestorSync Beta 2012
New Beta syncs New Family Tree Maker with Geni.
2012-04-26 acquires
Another Acquisition.
2012-04-26 The Double Double Index
Doubly Censusable.
2012-04-13 Sibling Torture Test
The Men with Thousand Siblings.
2012-03-26 Philips CDM9 Fix
Replacement gear.
2012-03-26 Rotel RDD-980 Problem
Dead Disc Drive.
2012-02-27 Detecting GEDCOM 5.5EL
More GEDCOM magic.
2012-02-22 USA 1940 Census
Facts and resources.
2012-02-19 GEDCOM X Origin
Source reveals roots.
2012-02-02 BetterGEDCOM
Grassroots GEDCOM gang.
2012-02-02 OpenGen
Closed for business.
2012-01-31 What does GEDCOM X mean?
What's in a name?
2012-01-15 VGedX
Command-line GEDCOM validator.
2012-01-14 Fractal Genealogy
Mathematical pedigree.
2012-01-11 Paid Android Genealogy Apps
Mobile genealogy for a price.
2012-01-09 The _UID tag
Common GEDCOM Extension.
2012-01-07 Free Android Genealogy Apps
Mobile genealogy.
2012-01-04 Most Popular Articles of 2011
What you clicked on…
2012-01-03 Twins born in Different Years
New Year happens.
2011-12-30 GeneAwards 2011
The Best and Worst of Genealogy 2011.
2011-12-29 Genealogy Trends 2011
Syncing with a mobile app: there's an API in Public Beta for that. Webinar at 11.
2011-12-28 Genealogy 2011
Genealogy industry & technology developments 2011.
2011-12-22 Genealogy Beta 2011
New and improved geneatechnology.
2011-12-22 FamilySearch Family Tree API Public
Private API is public now.
2011-12-12 GEDCOM X
FamilySearch GEDCOM Alternative.
2011-11-24 Vrouwekerk Plaque
Pilgrim Church Plague.
2011-11-21 MyHeritage buys FamilyLink
The revolution has been sold.
2011-10-18 Welcome to a Brave New World
Objects in the crystal ball are closer than they appear.
2011-10-13 Dutch Genealogy Application Popularity
The Dutch prefer Dutch.
2011-10-10 Dart
2011-10-09 Saturday Night Genealogy Size
Genealogy bloggers: more than average.
2011-10-06 Minimal Flash and Silverlight policy files
Useful emptiness.
2011-10-05 Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011
2011-10-05 The SourceTemplates Initiative
2011-09-27 Ancestry for Android Beta
Ancestry goes Android.
2011-09-20 MyHeritage buys BackupMyTree
2011-09-19 Apache Maven
Opinionated software development software.
2011-09-07 Getting Started with the MyHeritage Family Graph API
Essential undocumented facts & features.
2011-09-03 Some Ancestry Content Publisher Considerations
Give your unique content away?
2011-09-03 Ancestry Content Publisher Programme
Get your digital historical collections onto
2011-08-29 What is New in Family Tree Maker 2012?
New Features.
2011-08-23 Geni Stats Down
Borg Tree assimilation statistics not what they used to be.
2011-08-19 Shared Web Trees
Our Tree.
2011-08-18 Ancestry renames Footnote to Fold3
Footnote folded, Fold3 unfolded.
2011-08-15 MyHeritage Family Graph API
Yet Another Genealogy API.
2011-08-13 Geni Changes just got better - or worse.
2011-08-10 Family Tree Maker SearchService
Undocumented public web service.
2011-08-05 TreeSync Limitations
Partial Sync.
2011-08-04 FTM Sync Beta
Public TreeSync Beta message board.
2011-08-01 Family Tree Maker 2012 Public Beta
Dropbox Ancestry.
2011-07-31 GED-inline
A Brand New GEDCOM Validator.
2011-07-24 Plussing People
Puzzling plussing.
2011-07-19 How to sort Google+ Circles
Jumping through hoops.
2011-07-19 How to copy a Google+ circle
Not quite drag & drop.
2011-07-19 Twenty+ Google Chrome Extensions for Google+
Improving Google+.
2011-07-17 A Small Web Genealogy Experiment
Reconstructive geneathology.
2011-07-15 GEDCOM SOUR and DEST
What the standard should have told you.
2011-07-13 Number of People on Google+
Exponential growth.
2011-07-10 Google+
Double-Plus Good.
2011-07-06 Five Freaky Features Your Genealogy Software should not have
A handful of misfeatures.
2011-07-02 Genealogy without Proof is Mythology
Attributing an aphorism on sources.
2011-06-27 Genealogy Citation Standard
There is none?
2011-06-26 Using Geneathologies
Cite as source, not as evidence.
2011-06-14 Genealogy is More Than Archival Research
Dusting off genealogy.
2011-06-12 IPv6 Now
IPv6 enabled.
2011-06-07 World IPv6 Day
Preparing for the IPocalypse.
2011-06-04 Some GEDCOM Fan Values
Genealogy software limits.
2011-05-30 AncestorSync Ultimate
AncestorSync for Everything.
2011-05-29 AncestorSync Beta
How to sign up, what to expect.
2011-05-27 How AncestorSync Works
Hot Sync technology.
2011-05-25 AncestorSync versus GenBridge
Somewhat similar, quite different.
2011-05-24 Valid Input, Valid Output
GIGO's complement.
2011-05-16 The Fan Value
Genealogy Software Capability Measurement.
2011-05-14 GedFan
Synthetic ancestral fans.
2011-05-11 AncestorSync: Sign of the Times
Oh why, oh why? Sign o' the Times.
2011-05-10 GEDCOM Validation
GedChk? VGED about it.
2011-05-08 Genealogy Software Performance Testing
Failure isn't an option. Failure is a fact of life.
2011-04-28 Sherwood Branches Testimonials
Fabricated testimonials for real products.
2011-04-20 Genealogy Application Icons 2011
Small Issue: Large Icons.
2011-04-17 Hotlink Hustle
Leech Freeze.
2011-04-11 Site Stats & Facts
This site is a hit.
2011-04-08 GEDCOM Tags
Documenting GEDCOM.
2011-04-07 Twelve Ordinary Must-Have Genealogy Software Features
Not-so common features.
2011-04-06 geneadware
genealogical adware: perfectly normal?
2011-04-01 Secret Ancestry Marketing Technique revealed
Strategic Celebrity Association Method.
2011-03-29 Do not cite Mythology
Cite selectively.
2011-03-26 Genealogy without Documentation is Mythology
Citing geneathology is crediting mythology.
2011-03-22 The Last Redirection
Cleaning up after yourself.
2011-03-21 “Start with what you know.”
Supposedly good advice.
2011-03-19 Illegitimacy does not cause NPEs
Legitimate brats to blame.
2011-03-17 Moving the Site
Check and double-check.
2011-03-13 Vital Evidence
Vital info outside vital records.
2011-03-11 Frame Forwarding Problems
Standards-based but flawed.
2011-03-10 Installing Legacy Charting Deluxe on Vista 64-bits
Legacy Family Tree does not work, so you cannot register Legacy Charting?
2011-03-09 Why Frame Forwarding
Adventures in Frame Forwarding, or How not to host a Website.
2011-03-06 Where is my 64-bit Windows Genealogy Software?
Software vendors stuck in Second Millenium?
2011-02-28 Birth Event
Traditional misconception.
2011-02-14 FamilySearch SORD
Yet another genealogy standard?
2011-02-10 My Family Tree Revealed
Coffee Mug Genealogy.
2011-02-07 A Group of Genealogists
Collective noun.
2011-01-29 Dear Tim
Let's talk about
2011-01-25 Expert Disconnect
Your Expert label has been revoked.
2011-01-25 Expert Connect Alternatives
The services you abandoned before Ancestry abandoned you.
2011-01-24 Leiden Pilgrim Year 2020 Celebrations uncertain
Pilgrim Year 2020 is a political issue.
2011-01-18 Genealogie Online
Dutch Genealogy Empire.
2011-01-14 Discontinued Genealogy Software
No more upgrades.
2011-01-07 GEDCOM 5.6
New: a decade-old standard.
2011-01-03 Behold FTW TEXT
Lone developer embarrasses billion-dollar corporation.
2010-12-29 Genealogy 2010
2010-12-28 Random Awards 2010
Random Awards for random accomplishments.
2010-12-23 Family Tree Maker 2011 GEDCOM Torture Test Results
Doubly fails all three tests.
2010-12-21 Mundia, The Game
Score your genealogy badge.
2010-12-15 Genealogy APIs
Programmatic access to genealogy data.
2010-12-15 The Geni Model
Undocumented; navigating nodes & edges.
2010-12-15 The Geni API
Roll your own Geni app.
2010-12-12 Direct Import
To import directly or not, that's the question.
2010-12-03 Most Popular Genealogy Application
Vendor claims. bestselling.
2010-12-01 Family Tree Maker Performance: It is Your Fault
Our software is excellent.
2010-11-24 Geniology
I am Geni of Borg. Prepare to be assimilated.
2010-11-24 Guest Post
You're article is so great that we won't publish it.
2010-11-22 Family Tree Maker on Vista 64-bit
Showstopping three-year old 32-bit design defect.
2010-11-20 Family Tree Maker Service Packs
Basic info & direct download links.
2010-11-11 Symbian^3
Open Source Phone.
2010-11-05 GEDCOM Alternatives
Spoiled for choice.
2010-10-20 What is Genealogy II
Ontological ruminations.
2010-10-19 Family in Scientific Genealogy
No definition needed.
2010-10-17 Family in Traditional Genealogy Software
Major family tree software lacks sense of family.
2010-10-12 The Core of Genealogy
Traditional Issue.
2010-10-04 A Hurried Introduction to Scientific Genealogy
Quick Start.
2010-09-29 Twitter Redesign
2010-09-23 Buying Spree
Spending the IPO money.
2010-09-20 ZoneAlarm Scare
ZoneAlarm joins the dark side.
2010-09-08 Verborgen Verleden
Who Do You Think You Are? goes Dutch.
2010-09-07 Vital Events
Vital clarity.
2009-09-06 “Vital Records” in Traditional Genealogy
Oddly inconsistent definitions.
2010-09-03 Copyfine
Unfair use?
2010-08-29 Researching Biological Genealogy
Biological discoveries are no loss, but a gain.
2010-08-26 webtrees
Old is new again.
2010-08-24 A Gentle Introduction to GEDCOM
Basic facts and real-world issues.
2010-08-23 Traditional Genealogy Software
Traditional aint good enough. We need a new generation.
2010-08-20 Applying the Classical Genealogy Framework
How some issues fit in the framework.
2010-08-20 Simplistic Genealogy
Traditional genealogy within the framework.
2010-08-18 A Framework for Classical Genealogy
Biological, official, legal.
2010-08-15 Two Genealogical Dogmas
Official records aren’t biology.
2010-08-13 Adoption in Genealogy
More than two parents.
2010-08-11 Adapted Ahnenlist
Reporting all parents.
2010-08-09 What is genealogy?
Rooting around for a definition.
2010-07-23 The Cost of Genealogy Software
Desktop genealogy software is cheap, very cheap.
2010-07-22 MyHeritage Backup
If you don’t pay extra, we won’t backup your data?
2010-07-13 The Future of Genealogy
Genealogy is doomed, long live genealogy.
2010-07-07 Genealogical Principle: Facts
Respect the facts you have.
2010-06-30 Direct Descendant
Straight English.
2010-06-27 Ancestry contradicts Ancestry
She said! No, he said! Did! Did not!
2010-06-24 The Dracula Connection
You are related to Dracula!
2010-06-02 Dutch Given Names Database
Half a million Dutch given names.
2010-06-02 MyBadges
How to insult 425 + 1 genealogy bloggers at once.
2010-05-31 Installing TNG on Windows
TNG on web server on Windows.
2010-05-31 WampServer
WAMP bundle.
2010-05-31 WAMP
Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
2010-05-26 Dutch Political Web Sites 2010
National elections 2010: the web sites.
2010-05-19 Fan Chart Plus
Fat Chart.
2010-05-11 Extended Fan Chart
Uncharted ancestral space.
2010-05-07 Smart Short Linking
Not really short links.
2010-05-07 Embedding Tweets
TwitterMedia Blackbird Pie shows how not to.
2010-05-05 Tweet Style
Including tweets.
2010-05-03 WebTree no more
FamilyLink abandons family tree revolution.
2010-04-29 Stolpersteine
Stumbling stones.
2010-04-26 Ahnen Chaos
2010-04-25 Ahnen Numbering
Ancestor numbering.
2010-04-24 Ahnenlist
Ancestor list.
2010-04-23 Ahnentafel
Ancestor table.
2010-03-01 MyStatistics
Mysterious Jump in Tiny Average.
2010-02-14 MyHeritage Security
Development document leaked.
2010-02-10 MyZooof
2010-02-09 It’s Our Tree
My Heritage?
2010-02-08 DynasTree Free Tree Promise
Acquired Promise conflicts with business model.
2010-02-05 MyHeritage growing through Acquisitions
Acquire, acquire, acquire.
2010-01-22 Some GEDCOM Torture Test Results
CONCatenation failure.
2010-01-10 Three Torture Tests
Extreme GEDCOM.
2010-01-08 Twitter Genealogy
Twitter for genealogists.
2009-12-30 GeneAwards 2009
Best and Worst of Genealogy 2009.
2009-12-30 Genealogy 2009
The Year in Genealogy.
2009-12-28 Random Awards 2009
Random rambling, ranting & raving.
2009-12-04 Dutch Family Names Bank
Dutch name distribution.
2009-11-30 GeneaBlog Awards 2009
More outstanding genealogy blogs.
2009-11-20 Chromium OS
Chrome OS source available now.
2009-11-18 Place Name Standardisation Basics
No abbreviations or adornments.
2009-11-04 FamilySearch Community Trees
The Mystery of the Living dead.
2009-10-31 Twitter Lists
What and how, what not and how not.
2009-10-22 Linking Waves
Show some wave id.
2009-10-21 GenSoftReviews Ranking 2009
Users rank the best and worst.
2009-10-10 Citing Waves
Citing Waves is easier.
2009-10-10 Gadget Genealogy
Creating genealogy waves.
2009-10-10 The Wavy Way
Doing things the Google Wave way.
2009-10-09 Google Wave Preview Tips and Tricks
Must-know stuff.
2009-10-06 Tweeting from Google Wave
2009-10-05 A Visual Getting Started Guide for Google Wave
Lots of Google Wave webshots.
2009-10-01 Forcing Chrome Frame
Choice Framing.
2009-09-30 Detecting Chrome Frame
Detecting the absence of Chrome Frame by not detecting it.
2009-09-29 Supporting Chrome Frame
Tag, you're it.
2009-09-28 Chrome Frame Basics
Google Chrome inside Internet Explorer.
2009-09-25 Intranet Explorer isn’t a web browser
Web Renaissance.
2009-08-25 A Guide to Genlias
Need to-know facts, tips & tricks.
2009-08-16 Google Wave Searching
Finding waves worth surfing.
2009-08-13 Google Wave settings
Phony Photo Protocol.
2009-08-12 Google Wave First Impressions
Waving Hello.
2009-08-07 RootsMagic Alternate Names
Sorting out the sort problem.
2009-08-07 Splitting Names
Picking up the pieces.
2009-08-05 Google Wave Jargon
beach banter.
2009-08-03 Google Wave Basic Tech Facts
Quick dive through the technologies below the surface.
2009-08-03 Google Wave Preview
Quick non-technical introduction.
2009-07-22 Automatic At Sign on Twitter Profile Links
Pure CSS solution for twitter convention.
2009-07-08 Chrome OS
Just announced, yet mostly already here.
2009-07-07 Synthetic Genealogy
A grave idea that does not rub you.
2009-07-06 Making a Photosynth
Tips and tricks from practice.
2009-07-06 Photosynth Primer
What it is and how to view it.
2009-07-04 The Most Important Genealogy Software Feature
What you really Must Have.
2009-07-01 A New Face
Design Changes.
2009-06-29 Average Size Month
A Sizeable Overview.
2009-06-26 and FTW TEXT
Why should make FTM 16 free.
2009-06-24 Ancestry using Silverlight
Microsoft case study not positive about Flash genealogy.
2009-06-22 Documenting FTW TEXT
FTW TEXT documentation do's and don'ts.
2009-06-18 Genealogy Database Average, Median and Mode
Does it mean anything?
2009-06-17 Average GenCircles Size
Zero Bias?
2009-06-16 MLM Genealogy
Vampire marketing.
2009-06-13 Average Genealogy Hosting Size
Average is decreasing?
2009-06-13 Average WebTree Size
An Averaged Year.
2009-06-12 Average GEDCOM Upload Size
Biased results.
2009-06-11 Limited Genealogy
Limits have limiting effects.
2009-06-10 Desktop Size versus Upload Size
It's not the same thing.
2009-06-09 Figuring out Average Genealogy Size
Calculating average size is a mean problem.
2009-06-09 MyHeritage wins Award?
MyHeritage PADding itself on back.
2009-06-07 Social GEDCOM Formula
An average formula for sizeable social genealogy success.
2009-06-05 Social Genealogy Success
Some ideas for improving social genealogy metrics.
2009-06-05 Social Genealogy Metrics
Measuring social genealogy success.
2009-06-04 Average Size is a Statistic
The average size is less than 10 and more than 4.000.000.
2009-06-03 How Geni beats We’re Related
How come Geni is three times as good?
2009-05-31 Average Number of Nth Generation Descendants
As easy as throwing coins into jars.
2009-05-30 My Large is Smaller than Yours
With some vendors, large means small, tiny or minuscule.
2009-05-28 Medium Size Genealogy
A rough calculation of a medium size ancestry database.
2009-05-22 Tweeple Directories
Twitter directories for the people.
2009-05-20 Dealing with FTW TEXT
What to do about FTW TEXT: ignore, support or inform?
2009-05-18 GenealogyCloud
Cumulus Genealogicus.
2009-05-14 FaceBook Genealogy
Genealogy applications on FaceBook.
2009-05-13 Supporting FTW TEXT
FTW TEXT in addition to GEDCOM or FGTEWDTCEOXMT instead?
2009-05-10 GEDCOM Magic
How to recognise GEDCOM (and FTW TEXT).
2009-05-07 The FTW TEXT Problem
The problem that FTW TEXT causes.
2009-05-06 FTW TEXT
No such thing as abbreviated tags in GEDCOM.
2009-05-04 The Importance of Being Consistent
Consistency checks are a fundamental feature of genealogy software.
2009-04-24 Same Name Children Consistency Check
The Same Name Children problem and its solution.
2009-04-22 Genealogy Date Basics
Calendar support and date arithmetic are fundamental.
2009-04-21 GEDCOM date phrases
When a date field isn't a date field.
2009-04-10 Dutch Manhattan Coin
Miniscule 3D map of Manhattan for 5 Euro.
2009-04-07 Night Watch identities revealed
Forensic genealogy solves centuries old riddle.
2009-04-04 Hashtags
Name, origin, usage, placement, twittiquete, retweeting & directories
2009-04-02 Barack Obama and I: We’re related!
Everyone is related to Obama.
2009-03-26 Twitteristics
Twitter statistics, ranking and grading.
2009-03-21 TweepMe Effect
Open Letter to the TweepMe Tribe.
2009-03-20 TweepMe
Such a tweet deal.
2009-03-18 MyFamily GenSeek Logo
A logo branch of a different company tree.
2009-03-16 Two Passwords Twitter Tip
Simple and Safer than just handing over your password.
2009-03-13 Catching a ReTweet Thief?
ReTweet research techniques.
2009-03-09 Twitter is for microblogging
Why your link spam bot does not cut it.
2009-03-04 FTW GEDCOM
Family Tree Maker Classic GEDCOM problems and solutions.
2009-03-03 How to be a Twit and twannoy Tweeple
Twannoying twadvice.
2009-02-21 GENDEX Sites
GENDEX lives.
2009-02-04 Vista Genealogy Icons
Who's got the look?
2009-01-26 Follow Me On Twitter
Fitting a follow link into minimalist web design.
2009-01-22 Twitter Integration
Possibilities, considerations and choices.
2009-01-19 Bookmark This
Digg this, reddit this!, Furl it, Add to Mixx, Save to, Stumble it, Buzz up!, AddThis, ShareIt
2009-01-02 MyHeritage hijacking homepages
MyHeritage switches search engine of Family Tree Builder users.
2009-01-01 Zune Revival
All is Quiet on New Year's Day.
2008-12-27 Wine Genealogy
Wine ratings for genealogy software.
2008-12-12 Family Tree Maker 2009 Technology
Dated components.
2008-12-01 Makeover 2008
Not just looks.
2008-11-11 The Family Tree Maker Book Building Promise
Free FTM 2009 upgrade for all FTM 2008 customers?
2008-09-20 We’re Related users to be spammed?
Paul Allen planning promotional mailings…
2008-09-19 The Family Tree Maker 2009 Free Upgrade Debacle
How to seriously annoy your customers.
2008-09-16 Get Google Chrome Features in Firefox
Chrome make-over for Firefox..
2008-09-15 Google Chrome Tips & Tricks
Various Google Chrome tips and tricks.
2008-09-09 Google Chrome Impact
The impact of Google Chrome.
2008-09-08 Google Chrome Technology
The technology of Google Chrome.
2008-09-05 Google Chrome First Look
A first look at Google Chrome.
2008-09-02 GeneAward Design
GeneAwards goes graphical.
2008-08-27 Apple iPhone add misleading
Apple is wrong, but the ASA ain't right.
2008-08-27 Laws of Reality Distortion
These Laws are insanely great.
2008-08-18 Visual Search Engines
The state of the visual web search art.
2008-08-10 Marking Permalinks
How to mark permalinks.
2008-08-10 Permalink Best Practice
Guidelines for permalinks.
2008-08-09 Social Bookmarking Overload
Bookmark ribbons considered harmful
2008-07-17 Installing iTunes
Solutions Apple is not providing.
2008-05-19 Some Thoughts on GRAMPS for Windows
GRAMPS project claims to run on Windows yet disowns GRAMPS for Windows; how to move forward?
2007-12-18 Random Awards 2007
Random awards for random accomplishments.
2007-05-15 Windows FormatMessage Limitations
Documented limitations, documentation errors, issues, and a much needed va_list sample.
2007-03-19 The Effect of FoxPro’s Death on Genealogy
Forced changes.
2007-03-16 Some Thoughts on Development Platform Migration
Thoughts on managing a major software development issue. No jargon, just practical advice.