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FaceBook Games

The WorldHistory web site links to two FaceBook games, but there are at least three games. The two games the WorldHistory site links to are History Quizzes and Remember when.... The third game has not been announced yet.

History Quizzes

History Quizzes is an application that offers several ready-made quizzes for you to take Each quiz has at most ten questions, and all questions are multiple-choice. If you score well, you may find your name on its Top Historian leaderboard.

History Quizzes

The best part may be that you can create your own, but that is a common feature of FaceBook quiz applications. There are many quiz applications on FaceBook, and History Quizzes does not stand out in any way.

Remember when...

Remember when is an even simpler application. There are several tabs, and it opens on the friend stream, which shows memories your friend entered. This application has few users, so the friend stream is likely to be empty. It should open on the history tabs, which list some historical events you may remember, and then prompts you to Create memory from this?.

Remember When...

The application could also open on the World Stream subtab, which shows what every other user of Remember when... is tweeting, eh, posting. Sorry about that, it is just that the resemblance to tweeting your memory is uncanny. There is even a My Timeline tab for your tweets the memories you posted.

History Warrior

The third WorldHistory-related FaceBook game is History Warrior. FamilyLink has not announced this game yet, but that did not stop me from discovering it and playing it for a while. Do keep in mind, if you decide to try this game, that it simply is not finished yet. Carefully compare the two screen below and you’ll note that is also somewhat buggy; the numbers in the second screen have not been updated. The brief description below applies to the game as it is now.

History Warrior

History Warrior is modelled as a role playing game in which you are a knight who has to perform quests and battle monsters. That sounds considerably more exciting than it is, because all the missions ire collecting historic things on a map and the only monster is the homework monster. There simply is too little variety to make the game exciting.

The most exciting thing that can happen in this game running across Paul Allen, FamilyLink’s CEO, whose low level, low energy and lack of weapons and armour make him an easy target.

History Warrior: You have defeated Paul Allen

Right now, WorldHistory is not a compelling game, perhaps mostly because it is still too simple, but there is a nice idea here. Combining gameplay with history isn’t the worst way to learn history.