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Back in December I installed a bunch of genealogy application on Windows Vista. Most installed without any problems worth mentioning. Family Tree Maker 16 isn’t entirely compatible with Vista, but there’s a patch available from Moreover, Vista automatically detects the incompatibility and offers that patch.


When you collect all icons together in a single folder, it looks like this.

Genealogy software icons medium

explorer views

Vista’s Windows Explorer offers four different icon views: small icons, medium icons, large icons and extra large icon. The above image shows the medium icon view.


As far as I know, not one genealogy program Works with Vista or is Certified for Windows Vista yet. To get a rough first impression of the Vista compatibility of current genealogy software, I loaded all these programs, and then asked Vista to show large icons.

large icons

Large icons are just one item on the Vista checklist, but it’s probably the easiest item to check. Here is the same folder with program shortcuts again, now showing large icons.

genealogy software icons large

Notice that Vista shows the large icon if the executable contains one, and shows the medium sized icon in the space for a large icon if it does not.


Of the 36 applications installed, only four contain large icons: Daub Ages!, Ahnenblatt, Family Tree Maker 2009 and The Master Genealogist 7. That is why, whatever their other features or shortcomings, these are the only four application to get any link love.

All four applications support the extra large icons as well. A fifth program to support large icons is the upcoming RootsMagic 4. The image shows the RootsMagic 3 icon.


2009-03-25 RootsMagic 4 released

The image shows RootsMagic 3. RootsMagic 4 has a large icon.

2009-05-02 MyBlood Alpha 4.1

MyBlood Alpha 4.1 has a large icon.

2010-01-06 Behold 0.99.3

Behold 0.99.3 has a large icon.

2011-04-20: Genealogy Application Icons 2011

Two years on, Genealogy Application Icons 2011 considers the state of genealogy application icons again.



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