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Who Do You Think You Are?

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Verborgen Verleden (Hidden Past) is the program name for the Dutch edition of the BBC TV show Who Do You Think You Are?.
The Dutch series will debut this month.

Teleac, NTR

NTR Logo

The first season was produced by Teleac, a well-known educational broadcaster that has produced several genealogy shows already. On 2010 Sep 1, the three broadcasters NPS, Teleac and RVU merged to become NTR. The practicula upshot of that is that the episodes will be broadcast by the NTR.


CBG Logo

The Verborgen Verleden series is produced in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG). The CBG did the genealogical research for the series.

Although broadcasting of first season of Verborgen Verleden has yet to start, CBG deputy director Rob van Drie has confirmed that they are already researching eight celebrities for the second season, to be broadcasted in 2011.


Stamboomboek - Verborgen Verleden cover

Rob van Drie wrote the book for the first series. Stamboomboek - Verborgen Verleden (Family Tree Book - Hidden Past) is available in bookshops and directly from the publisher, Uitgeverij Waanders.

friendly price

The regular price of the book is € 22,95, but friends of the CBG can order it for € 18,50. An even better deal is available for those who aren't friend of the CBG yet; if they become friend of the CBG before 2010 Dec 1, they'll receive the book as a welcome gift on top of the regular benefits of being a friend.

web site

Verborgen Verleden has it own domain name, which up until today linked to a page on the NTR site. Starting today, 2010 Sep 8, it links to the brand new StamboomNederland site instead. The StamboomNederland home page has been updated with information about the series, and one of the links on the page leads to the NTR pages.

first series

2010-09-262010-10-02Monique van de Ven
2010-10-032010-10-09Gerard Spong
2010-10-102010-10-16Philip Freriks
2010-10-172010-10-23Mei Li Vos
2010-10-242010-10-30Maria Goos
2010-10-312010-11-06Tommy Wieringa
2010-11-072010-11-13Carry Tefsen
2010-11-142010-11-20Youri Mulder

The first series will feature eight well-known Netherlanders. The series starts on 2010 Sep 26 with actress Monique van de Ven, best-known for her film debut in Paul Verhoeven's Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight). It continues with Gerard Spong, a lawyer born in Suriname, a former Dutch colony, journalist and newsreader Philip Freriks and politician Mei Li Vos. Most of these people are relatively unknown outside the Netherlands, but well-known within the Netherlands. Maria Goos is a scenario writer, Tommy Wieringa is an author of novels, Carry Tefsen is an actrice and Youri Mulder is a former professional football player.


2012-11-08: Stamboomboek

Publisher Waanders has deleted the page for the Stamboomboek. The broken link has been removed.