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Partial Sync

Family Tree Maker 2012

The big new feature in the Family Tree Maker 2012 Public Beta is TreeSync. The TreeSync feature provides synchronisation between Family Tree Maker databases and online trees. However, TreeSync can only sync data that both systems support.
There is a public FTM Sync Beta messageboard on to discuss issues. Duff Wilson, the product manager for Family Tree Maker, just posted a message detailing what is synchronised and what isn't.


There are some limitations. Person notes are only viewable online by tree editors. Also, sources based on citation templates are synchronised, and are shown online, but cannot be edited online.

FTM data that isn't uploaded

online data that isn't downloaded

current state

The message board statement made by Duff Wilson represents the current state of TreeSync. It is likely that the official release of Family Tree Maker 2012 will offer a bit more. It is not likely that the first TreeSync will offer complete synchronisation of all items. already made changes and additions to both systems to make TreeSync work, and will need to make more to offer full synchronisation of all data.

Family Tree Maker 2012 has a Sync Now button on the Plan tab. That button is also a drop-down menu. That is as odd as it sounds. The menu item About Synchronizing Trees brings up a web page that documents what is currently being synced.


2011-08-23 FTM 2012 Public Beta 4: download media

Duff Wilson has announced the availability FTM 2012 Public Beta 4. His message notes four updates in this Beta, one of which is that Media for Ancestry-attached records in online trees are now downloaded along with other tree media.