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RootsMagic 5

Importing FAN21.GED takes about 10 minutes. Importing FAN22.GED takes about 24 minutes. Importing FAN23.GED takes about 51 minutes. Importing FAN24.GED takes about 112 minutes.

RootsMagic actually manages to read FAN24.GED and does it pretty quickly too; that is an import speed above one million individuals per seven minutes. After closing RootsMagic and starting it again, RootsMagic is quick to display the pedigree view, but takes it sweet time filling and displaying individuals in the Index Sidebar. That's not unexpected; RootsMagic is busy sorting more than 16 million names for display.

RootsMagic FAN24 Success

GEDCOM export was slower than import; export to GEDCOM took 207,5 minutes, that is close to 3½ hours. The resulting file is 5.582.32.181 bytes, while is FAN24.GED is 4.340.874.110 bytes. The difference is caused by the inclusion of _UID tags and DATE stamps.

RootsMagic's default GEDCOM export settings are almost perfect. RootsMagic 5 creates GEDCOM 5.5.1 files, and always uses the legal UTF-8 character encoding. The first time I exported some FAN files to GEDCOM, the GEDCOM header was invalid; the mandatory HEAD.SUBM was missing. Because the HEAD.SUBM tag and SUBM record are mandatory, RootsMagic should have prompted for submitter data, but it had not. Entering a submitter - RootsMagic calls it a preparer - solves this issue.
There also were RootsMagic-specific event definition records after the data. The _EVDEF tag starts with an underscore, like a vendor-specific extension should, nothing wrong there, but VGed does not like the subtags. I avoided looking into this by unchecking the Extra details (RM specific) checkbox.
VGed liked the results; it produced informational messages, but no errors. It did call attention to the _EMAIL tag. That is a GEDCOM extension where no extension is needed; GEDCOM 5.5.1 provides the EMAIL tag, and that is what RootsMagic should be using.


RootsMagic is able to import FAN24.GED and export it to a valid GEDCOM file again. RootsMagic's fan value is 24+.