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Random Award

Most Massive Fail: iPhone Alarm

2009 Jan 1 was Zuneageddon. On 2010 Jan 1, it suddenly was 2016. For two years in a row, Microsoft managed to mess up their date arithmetic.
This year, it was Apple's turn. Users where late for appointments because their iPhone Alarm application failed to go off.

By the way, Microsoft did not fail to fail at the start of the year; Microsoft managed to unexpectedly delete all emails from many Hotmail accounts.

Longest Production Delay in Software History: Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever has been winning vapourware awards for so long, that it had become an industry tradition. This year, Duke Nukem Forever was released on 2010 June 10. After a decade of anticipation, the actual release was an anti-climax. Many reviews were negative.

Best Political Press Release Performance: Sir John Lithgow

Sir John Lithgow performed Newt Gingrich's press release for the Colbert Report.

Funniest Apple Parody: iPhone 5 Leak

Last year, there was a lot to do about the leaked iPhone, and about the way Apple handled the incident. This year, American television personality O'Brien poked fun at it all with a segment about an allegedly lost iPhone 5.

Best Firefox for Android Add-On: NoScript for Mobile

NoScript won multiple Random Awards already. There is a mobile edition of this essential Firefox utility for safe browsing now. NoScript for Mobile was developed as an add-on for Firefox for Android, and should also work on Maemo.

Best New Gadget: Lytro

The Lytro is a light field camera. It does not need to focus when you capture the picture. Once you have a picture, you can focus on any part you like. No focus implies no auto-focus motor, and no shutter delay. An oh, every Lytro picture can be turned into a stereogram.

Most Hilarious iPhone video: sometechvids: iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2

The perfect sequel to iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo. TinyWatch productions made a sequel to last year's hilarious iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo. It is funny, but sometechvids's iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2 is a better sequel.

Customer walks into store demanding an iPhone 5. Salesman explains there is no iPhone 5, goes on to explain advantages of Samsung Galaxy S2. Customer continues to demand an iPhone. Some strong language.


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