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Progeny Charting Companion

Charting Companion is desktop genealogy charting application by Progeny Software. There are editions for popular genealogy applications, such as PAF and Family Tree Maker. There's also a viewer for use with Progeny databases, known as Progeny Family Explorer, that is used with products such as Family Forest National Treasure Edition.

The Progeny Software looks awfully dated. It not only looks dated, it actually is is; it still doesn't support Unicode. That severely limits the abilities of Charting Companion for Good news though; the Charting Companion for page promises that full Unicode support will be added soon.

Progeny Charting Companion for Geni page 2011

Charting Companion

Charting Companion's selling points is that it makes more and much better looking charts than your average genealogy application. There are editions for some of the popular desktop applications; PAF Companion (Charting Companion for PAF), Ancestral Quest Charting Companion, Legacy Charting Companion, Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker (both Family Tree Maker Classic and New Family Tree Maker). Progeny has been taking advantage of genealogy APIs to offer editions for several web applications as well. They offer Charting Companion for FamilySearch, Charting Companion for OneGreatFamily and Charting Companion for

PAF Embroider Logo


Progeny has now created PAF*Embroider. Yes, for reasons unknown, they decided to include a star in the product name.
PAF*Embroider creates charts from your PAF database, just like PAF Companion, but it does not simply print them, it creates embroidery patterns instead.

Progeny Embroidery Charts

Dynamic Stitching Format

PAF*Embroider saves files in the Dynamic STitching Format (DST), a file format designed by Tajima corporation, a company that produces computerised embroidery machines. The *.DST file format is just one of several embroidery file formats, but a popular one. It is supported by most embroidery software. You can take that file to a commercial embroidery shop, but may also be able to use with a modern computerised sewing machine.

Charting Companion

PAF*Embroider is an application separate from PAF Companion. Progeny has incorporated the embroidery feature into Charting Companion for, and will probably incorporate it into other editions soon.


2011-10-17: Legacy Charting Companion

Progeny has released Legacy Charting Companion 3.0, and it includes support for embroidery charts.