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This is a quick overview of paid genealogy apps for Android. Websites-as-apps, books-as-apps, and podcasts-as-apps are not included. Free companion apps to freemium services are included in the Free Android Genealogy Apps overview.

BeeKeeper Labs: Family Bee

Family Bee is a GEDCOM viewer, or, as they call it, a family tree browser. The Family Bee app offers several views and boasts support for ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16 GEDCOM files. A free time-limited trial edition, Family Bee Trial, is available as a separate app.

AppTime: MobileTree

MobileTree is an app to access FamilySearch's Family Tree (formerly New Family Search), which is not public or even in public beta yet. MobileTree was originally developed for iOS. AppTime announced MobileTree Android on 2010 May 27, but is currently not available in the Android market.

GHCS Software: GedStar Pro

GedStar Pro for Android is the Android variant of GedStar Pro for Palm. The GedStar Pro Genealogy Viewer for Android is free. However, the Windows applications to convert your genealogy database or GEDCOM file to the GedStar format is not.
Your GedStar Pro for Palm registration code does not work with GedStar Pro for Android.

TelGen: Families

TelGen Families is a family tree editor for Android. It was created as a mobile companion to Millenia's Legacy Family Tree. The Families app syncs with Millenia's Legacy Family Tree, it does not support GEDCOM. Synchronisation between Families and Legacy is performed by the TelGen Families Sync application for Windows, which requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later.
TelGen Families 1.x supports Legacy 7.x. Version 2.0+ supports Legacy 8.0.

Darren Gates: Relationship Finder

The Relationship Finder is a kinship calculator.
Note: Teedy Software's Kinship app is free.

TelGen World Family Tree

The Android Market URL for TelGen's World Family Tree app reveals its original name: Geni Mobile. The World Family Tree provides mobile access to The app provides multiple views and allows you to edit the data. account limitations do apply.
Note: MobiWolf's GeneDroid app is a free Geni viewer, but not an editor.

Hakan Ardo GedTree

GedTree is a commercial GEDCOM viewer for Android.
A free edition is is available as GedTreeFree.

GedStar On-This-Day widget

The GedStar On-This-Day widget is a commercially sold widget for the Android home screen, that requires a registered copy of GedStar Pro. It shows births, deaths and marriages from your database that happened on this day in history.
A free lite edition is available as GedStar On-This-Day Trial.

FamilyGTG: FamilyGTG

FamilyGTG is a commercial product by Family Get-To-Gether (GTG). The original FamilyGTG, released late in 2012, is a genealogy viewer. Since FamilyGTG version 1.1, released in Augusts of 2013, FamilyGTG is a genealogy editor, and FamilyGTG 1.1.1 added GEDCOM export.
There is a free edition, FamilyGTG Free.

TelGen: GedFamilies

GedFamilies is the GEDCOM edition of the older Families app; while the Families app only works with Legacy Family Tree, GedFamilies support GEDCOM. GedFamilies requires the free GedFamilies Sync utililty for Windows.

Spectral Duck Software: Genealogy Research Assistant

Genealogy Research Assistant is a commercial product of Spectral Duck Software. Genealogy Research Assistant supports GEDCOM 5.5.1.

Mind's Clay Productions: Genealogy Decoder

Genealogy Decoder shows the relationship between family members when you enter their relationship to a common ancestor.

M. Catrouillet: CatroGenea

CatroGenea is a genealogy editor with GEDCOM import and export. CatroGenea is a French application that offers both a French and an English user interface. Requires Android 4.1 or later.

Sundin Software: GEDexplorer

GEDexplorer is a GEDCOM viewer, with scrollable and zoomable views, that supports HTML in notes (not a GEDCOM feature). The user interface languages are English and Swedish.


2012-04-30: Hakan Ardo GedTree

Added Hakan Ardo GedTree.

2012-05-20: Android market becomes Google Play

On 2012 March 6, the Android Market became Google Play. All links have been updated.

2012-06-18: GedStar On-This-Day widget

Added the new GedStar On-This-Day widget.

2012-11-20: FamilyGTG: FamilyGTG

Added the FamilyGTG app.

2012-11-30: TelGen: GedFamilies

Added the GedFamilies app.

2013-08-13: FamilyGTG 1.1

FamilyGTG is no longer a GEDCOM viewer, but an editor. Text updated.

2013-09-15: Spectral Duck Software: Genealogy Research Assistant

Added Spectral Duck Software: Genealogy Research Assistant.

2013-09-15: FamilyGTG 1.1.1

FamilyGTG 1.1.1 supports GEDCOM export.

2013-12-09: Mind's Clay Productions: Genealogy Decoder

Added Mind's Clay Productions: Genealogy Decoder.

2013-12-24: TelGen Families supports for Legacy 8

TelGen Families 2.0, released 2013 Dec 21, supports Legacy 8. Updated the text.

2013-04-10: M. Catrouillet: CatroGenea

Added M. Catrouillet's CatroGenea.

2013-04-10: Sundin Software: GEDexplorer

Added Sundin Software's GEDexplorer.