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puzzling plussing

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The Google+ team is suspending many accounts, telling the unfortunate users that the name you provided violates our Community Standards.
This is not about business pages. It is about people getting suspended for using their own name. Even Kirrily Skud Robert, former googloid, has been suspended from Google+.

Real people are being shut out of their own account for no other reason than that someone in the Google+ team does not like their name. Names, mind you, that many of these users have been using with other Google services for years. Google happily accepted their name. No Google services ever objected to their name.

shut out

When FaceBook suspends your account, you're shut of FaceBook. When the Google+ team's team hits the suspend button, users find themselves shut out of all Google services.
That's right, if the Google+ team does not like your name, you can no longer use Google Mail. You can no longer use Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Photos or Google Reader. You cannot use any of the Google services associated with your account any more. Suddenly, you're completely shut out of the entire Googlesphere. Let that sink in for a moment.


For years, Google has been telling all of us that we should put all our data in their cloud, because it is safe there. Now, Google's own Google+ team is eagerly demonstrating that you are seriously intercoursed if you do.


Google+'s heavy-handed handling of its current account name policy makes FaceBook look saint-like by comparison. Verily, the Google+ team has managed to out-zuck the Zuck so much, that we desperately need a new word; the Google+ team is plussing people.

You do not want to be plussed. When the Google+ team plusses you, you are shut out of Google+ plus all other other Google services. The suspension of your email account is especially plussy, as it blocks your most obvious way of contacting them.

The Google+ team is managing to hurt Google more than any competitor ever dared to dream. The Google+ team is the team that plusses you, and their plussing is scaring people away from the very service they've built; still have your Google account? Well, don't log in here, because we are all powerful, and we might decide to plus you...



Google seems to be in damage control mode. They are not resolving complaints or fixing the issue, which already has its own hashtag: #plusgate. Instead, Robert Scoble interviewed his former boss Vic Gundotra to let him claim that users are not being plussed. Google+ team members are posting the link to their stream and denying anyone got plussed.

Google has put up a page Your name and Google Profiles. This page states that your Google profile is tied to your Google Buzz and +1 account, but that Google Mail and Blogger do not require a Google profile.


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