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Resource originally created on 2008 Mar 19 as a verified overview of FTM 2008 versions. Updated several times. Renamed from Family Tree Maker 2008 versions to New Family Tree Maker versions to better reflect the current content. Additions and corrections are welcome.


New Family Tree Maker 32-bit

2007-07-10FTM 2008 Public Beta17.0.0.371
2007-07-25FTM 2008 Release Candidate
2007-08-14FTM 2008 Release17.0.0.416
2007-09-09FTM 2008 Service Pack
2007-10-17FTM 2008 Service Pack 2 (withdrawn)
2007-11-28FTM 2008 Service Pack 2 Revision
2008-03-13FTM 2008 Service Pack 3 Beta17.0.0.902
2008-03-20FTM 2008 Service Pack 3 Candidate
2008-04-24FTM 2008 Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 417.0.0.959
2008-04-26FTM 2008 Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 517.0.0.963
2008-05-01FTM 2008 Service Pack 317.0.0.965
2008-08-28FTM 200918.0.0.95
2009-02-05FTM 2009 Service Pack
2009-05-05FTM 2009 Service Pack 1 plus Minor Update18.0.0.307
2009-08-19FTM 201019.0.0.180
2009-11-18FTM 2010 Service Pack
2010-03-06FTM 2010 Service Pack 1 & Vista Patch19.0.0.207
2010-08-31FTM 201120.0.0.368
2010-11-12FTM 2011 Service Pack
2011-02-02FTM 2011 Service Pack
2011-07-27FTM 2012 Public Beta21.0.0.284
2011-07-29FTM 2012 Public Beta21.0.0.298
2011-08-05FTM 2012 Public Beta
2011-08-23FTM 2012 Public Beta 321.0.0.361
2011-08-31FTM 2012 Public Beta 421.0.0.372
2011-09-29FTM 2012 General Release21.0.0.388
2011-12-05FTM 2012 Service Pack
2011-12-21FTM 2012 Service Pack
2012-01-31FTM 2012 Service Pack 321.0.0.506
2012-03-07FTM 2012 Service Pack 421.0.0.529
2012-05-18FTM 2012 Service Pack 521.0.0.580
2012-09-21FTM 2012 Service Pack 621.0.0.704
2012-11-30FTM 2012 Service Pack 721.0.0.723
2013-09-10FTM 201422.0.0.207
2012-10-08FTM 2014 Service Pack

New Family Tree Maker 64-bit

2013-09-10FTM 201422.0.0.1207
2012-10-08FTM 2014 Service Pack


about the overview

no overview does not maintain the version history, and some of the information they have released with updates is wrong.


I have verified the version numbers in the overview by reinstalling all these versions. Some installation notes are below.

documentation error

The FTM Service Pack 1 notes state that SP1 will update the version number to, but that is wrong, SP1 updates FTM2008 to

additional versions

There are reports about additional versions. Replies from to comments from users about this on the FTM blog did not document these versions or provide patches for them. The answers only suggested that those who have another version should remove and reinstall the application.

installation notes

old over new

The FTM 2008 install program does refuse to install an older version of FTM2008 over a newer one, so the only way to install an older version is to remove the newer version first.

FTM 2008 RC1

The FTM2008 RC1 confuses by sometimes identifying itself as FTM2008 Beta. FTM2008 RC1 will not install over FTM 2008 Beta.

FTM 2008 release

The FTM2008 release offers to install over FTM2008 RC1, but claims network errors during the install. Remove FTM2008 RC1, and the install proceeds without incident.


Some installs demand a Windows restart. That is a nonsense demand. FTM2008 is a .NET application, and installation of .NET application does not need a Windows restart. The demand is bogus, and a violation of installation guidelines.

older versions

It is possible, and no problem, to install FTM2008 in addition to FTM16 or earlier versions. Just keep them in separate directories.


2011-07-31 renamed

Renamed this resource from Family Tree Maker 2008 versions to New Family Tree Maker versions.