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Google Chrome features

Like some of Google Chrome’s features, but are not ready to switch to a version 0.2 browser that does not support your favourite plug-ins? Here’s how to get those features in Firefox; it’s just a matter of installing the right add-on.

Google Gears

Google Gears makes browsers a better platform for web applications. Google Chrome has Gears built-in. It is available as an Firefox add-on and a Internet Explorer plug-in.

Speed Dial

Google calls this the Most Visited page, but Opera’s original name is more evocative. Besides, That’s the name of the Firefox add-on: Speed Dial. Well, unless you prefer the Auto Dial add-on.

Domain Highlighting

Chrome’s address bar highlights the domain name by bolding it. The Chrome team probably decided to add this after seeing the Locationbar2 add-on.

Private Browsing

Apple calls it Private Browsing, Google calls it Incognito Mode. Internet Explorer will have InPrivate Browsing, and the industry calls its porn mode. The Firefox add-on is called Stealther.

Download Status Bar

No more annoying download window, but a status bar, with the Download Status Bar add-on.

Site-Specific Browser

Chrome lets you change its tab windows into separate windows without browser controls. Safari 4 will have the same Site-Specific Browser (SSB) feature. Mozilla has been working on a Fluid. Today, you can install Mozilla Prism, but Mac OS Leopard users may prefer Fluid instead.


2009-10-06 ChromiFox & ChromiGlass

ChromiFox is a Firefox theme that gives Firefox a Chrome-like look and icons.

Complete the Chrome look with the ChromiGlass theme, by the author of AeroFox, the Vista Internet Explorer for Vista look for Firefox. ChromiGlass moves the tabs above the menu and gives the tabs a glass effect.

2011-07-16 Google Gears

Google ended the Gears project on 2011-03-1 to focus on HTML5 instead.


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