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Updates to the Geni Changes article note that over the weekend after the changes, WikiTree reported a 30 % traffic jump, and WeRelate reported a 100% increase in new user sign-ups. Those press releases suggest that dissatisfied are leaving Geni and flocking to its competitors.

On the Geni Pro Just Got a Whole Lot Better blog post that sparked the unrest, employee George Gearhart commented that This is a case of a very small minority of users being very vocal.. He adds that Users are merging more efficiently, and metrics around the world family tree are very positive..
In the blog post A Message From Geni’s CEO, Noah Tutak,'s CEO, not only writes that Pro users can now merge existing duplicates faster and more effectively., but immediately adds that In fact, merging has increased by 75% because of these changes.. So, the statements from WikiTree and WeRelate these companies paint one picture. The statements from CEO and employees paint another. So, let's see what do their own numbers say?

Borg Tree assimilation statistics is very proud of its Borg Tree. They made a lot of noise when it approached 50 million profiles, Their blog post The Big Tree: Approaching 50 Million Profiles introduced a page of statistics. This page is still around, and proudly displays that the Borg Tree has assimilated 58.416.897 profiles.

Geni Borg Tree Assimilation Statistics

There are two graphs on that page, one for Profiles Added, and one for Merges Completed. Below the graphs are numbers for Yesterday, the Last 7 days and the Last 365 days. Below are the numbers from that table, presented in a table.

YesterdayLast 7 DaysLast 365 Days
Profiles Added18.456122.95010.055.601
Merges Completed4.03333.6772.607.141

per day

Now, lets divide the second column by 7, and the third column by 365, so that all three columns contain values per day:

YesterdayDay Average
Last 7 Days
Day Average
Last 365 Days
Profiles Added18.45617.564,28627.549,592
Merges Completed4.0334.811,0007.142.852

The values for yesterday and the averages for the last 7 days are considerably lower than the averages for the last 365 days.


The CEO has stated that, after the changes, merging has increased by 75 %. These numbers from's own Borg Tree assimilation statistics page suggest just the opposite. The merging activity used to be roughly 75 % more than it is today; it is only four thousand merges per day while it used to be seven thousand merges a day. Stated the other way round; 4.033 is only 56,46 % of 7.142.
The 18.456 profiles added yesterday is only 66,99 % of the average of 27.549 profiles that was added during the last year (and that is an average that includes last week).

These are numbers from's own statistics page. According to these numbers, profiles added per day is down by roughly one third, and merges completed per day is barely more than half what it used to be.