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Genealogy Blog Awards 2013

GeneaBlog Award


The Genealogy Blog Awards started five years ago. The Genealogy Blog Awards 2013 are the sixth Genealogy Blog Awards.

There are no fixed award categories. There is no fixed number of recipients. Awards are given to highlight blogs that deserve to be highlighted, based on a highly unscientifc formula: my personal opinion. I'm the only one to blame for selecting these blogs.

There are no press releases. There is zero social spam. There are no announcements. There is no nomination round. There is no voting. A Genealogy Blog Award comes by surprise.

No recipient knows their blog has been selected, or even that their blog is being considered, until the awards are publised.
And now, without further ado, I present to you the Genealogy Blog Awards 2013.

GeneaBlog Awards 2013

Best New Blog Feature: Caroline Pointer's Daily Things You need to Know this Morning Post

Caroline Pointer's Things You need to Know this Morning blog posts on her 4YourFamilyStory blog provide a dialy dose of news of interest to today's genealogists. A variety of news items presented a brief hyperlinked format make Things You need to Know this Morning a quick yet informative read. Things You need to Know this Morning frequently alerts to new online databases that just might help you scale your brick wall. If you're not reading this yet, you're missing out.

You can not only subscribe to 4YourFamilyStory in your blog reader, you can also choose to have new posts emailed to you.

Free Tools Champion: Tim Forsythe

Tim Forsythe's eponymous blog is one of the few technical genealogy blogs. For example, late last year, he did a series on GEDCOM import testing.

Tim Forsythe does not only write about geneatechnology, he also creates several tools based on his own GEDCOM parser. A tool I have mentioned more than once is VGed, his GEDCOM validator.

Last year, Tim Forsythe introduced Clunk, Bonkers and Vivify. This year, he released even more tools:

Best New Vlog: Mondays with Myrt

The Best new Blog is a video blog or vlog. Mondays with Myrt is a weekly Google Hangout on Air (HOA) organised by DearMYRTLE, in which participants discuss a predetermined topic, news or other topics of interest to them.
Few people know that Myrt took advantage of GoToMeeting for genealogy through weekly Monday video sessions with BetterGEDCOM participants late in 2010 already. BetterGEDCOM morphed into FHISO, Google introduced Hangouts on Air, and Myrt started doing Mondays with Myrt early this year.

A Hang-on-Air can have up to ten hangout participants. When a Hang-on-Air is full, you can still participate by viewing the live stream and posting comments. The hangouts are announced in DearMYRTLE's Google+ group and on her blog. Past Hangout-on-Airs are archived on YouTube.


Best New Blog Feature: Caroline Pointer's Daily Things You need to Know this Morning

Free Tools Champion: Tim Forsythe

Free Tools

GEDCOM Import Testing series

Best New Vlog: Mondays with Myrt

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