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 I do not have a blogroll, but I do read blogs. I initially added a few to the random awards page, but decided that a separate category would be better. So here is bunch of genealogy blogs that all stand out one way or another.

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The design you see at the top of this page is a stylised capital letter G for Genealogy merged with the ubiquitous feed icon. That original icon was designed by the Mozilla Corporation, and I thank them for allowing me to create a copyrighted derived design. Winners are granted some permissions to use it (see the copyright page for details).

Genea Blog Award

I make no promises about when I will do another round of GeneaBlog Awards. It could be next year, in two years, or never.
I just felt like highlighting some of the best genealogy blogs.

GeneaBlog Awards

Best Genealogy Society Blog: MoSGA Messenger

The official blog of the Missouri State Genealogy Association (MoSGA) is a news blog done right. They do not fill up their blog with copied and pasted content, but simply point you to the original item. They often post multiple items per day.

All post titles are in ALL-CAPS, and the links are titled link, or, on occasion, here, but you are likely to find something of interest among the many links they post.

Best Daily Genealogy Blog: Genea-Musing

An easy win for Randy Seaver, as Genea-Musing is practically the only daily genealogy blog. There is the MosGA Messenger, but there is whole team behind that one. Randy is a one-man geneablogging machine.
While others struggle to come up with one or two new posts per week, Randy easily manages one or two posts each day - even when he is on vacation! In fact, he actually writes multiple blogs, one of which is aptly called The Geneaholic.

Deepest Genealogy Development blog: Louis Kessler’s Behold Blog

It does not get more inside than this. Behold is not finished, yet Louis Kessler has been blogging about developing Behold since 2002. Subscribe to witness the birth of Behold version 1.0 real soon now, or just dig into years of posts about developing a genealogy program.

Best Commercial Genealogy Blog: The RootsMagic blog

This year, Bruce Buzbee decided to start blogging about RootsMagic, to reveal the new features of the next major version one post at a time, and surely knows how to build anticipation, excitement and impatience for the RootsMagic 4 release.

Best Genealogy Software News Blog: Geneanet Genealogy Blog

No other blog has so many announcements about genealogy software. Jean-Yves Baxter provides news on both major and minor software updates for all genealogy software, from well-known big names to obscure little ones.
This is the blog for staying up to date on updates.

Best Genetic Genealogy Blog: The Genetic Genealogist

Blaine Bettinger writes about genetic genealogy, personal genomics and DNA tests. Download his free ebook to help you understand it all.

Best Genealogy on MacOS Blog: MacGenealogist

Ben Sayer writes about genealogy software for MacOS on MacGenealogist. He also writes about PC software on PCGenealogist.

Best Blog: 24-7 Family History Circle

The official blog is not half as interesting as Juliana Smith’s 24-7 Family History Circle.

Funniest Genealogy Blog: The Genealogue

Chris Durham’s by-line for The Genealogue, Genealogy News you can’t possibly use really says it all - except when it doesn’t of course.
If you like geneablogs, check out his directory, the Genealogy Blog Finder, to find many more.


2011-10-02 MacGenealogist

MacGenealogist is no more. It has been folded into GenealogyTools.