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what is it

The GeneAwards is an annual event that presents awards to highlight the year’s best and worst in genealogy.


GeneAward is a contraction of GeneaAward, that replaces the double A with a single one. Although that single A is uppercased, it is not pronounced as two words (gene a-ward), but as a single one (ge-ne-a-ward).


Best and Worst

The GeneAwards highlight both the best and the worst. Recipients of the Best and Worst awards are considered to be winners and losers respectively. It is possible for a single organisation, product or service to receive both a Best and a Worst award in the same year.


The GeneAwards started with a Best and Worst of Genealogy post on 2006 Dec 21.

The name GeneAwards was first used for the 2007 awards. In 2007, the GeneAwards 2007 still consisted of nothing but a mention.


The GeneAward design was done before the GeneAwards 2008, and retroactively provided for the 2007 winners.

Winners of a GeneAward are granted limited rights to display the design for the Best award they received (see the Copyright page for details). There is no design for the Worst awards.

GeneAwards recipients

2006: Best and Worst

Best 2006

Best New Product 2006: TNG Network

Best Genealogical Organisation 2006: Advertising Standards Authority

Most Disappointing 2006

Most Disappointing Genealogy Software 2006: GenoPro 2007

Most Disappointing Company 2006: Pearl Street Software

GeneAwards 2007

2007: GeneAwards 2007

Regular Awards

Best of 2007

Best Genealogy Product of 2007: Ancestral Quest 12

Best New Genealogy Product of 2007: FamilySearch Records Access Programme

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2007: Genes Reunited

Best New Genealogy Organisation of 2007: Social Genealogy Sites (no individual winner)

Worst of 2007

Worst Genealogy Product of 2007: Family Tree Maker 2008

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2007:

Worst New Genealogy Organisation of 2007: Social Genealogy Sites (no individual winner)

Special Recognitions

Most Important New Service of 2007: International Tracing Service

Most Promising Utility of 2007: GenSmarts 2.0

GeneAwards 2008

2008: GeneAwards 2008

Regular Awards

Best of 2008

Best Genealogy Product of 2008: Google Earth

Best New Genealogy Product of 2008: Legacy Charting

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2008: Privacy International

Worst of 2008

Worst Genealogy Product of 2008: The Master Genealogist 7

Worst New Genealogy Product of 2008: Map My Ancestors 1.0

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2008:

Special Award 2008

Most Innovative Product of 2008: Relatives 1.0

GeneAwards 2009


Best of 2009

Best Genealogy Product of 2009: RootsMagic 4

Best New Genealogy Product of 2009: 1911 Census

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2009: Footnote

Special Recognition 2009

Most Surprising Product of 2009: GenealogyCloud

Most Improved Product of 2009: RootsMagic 4

Worst of 2009

Worst Genealogy Product of 2009: FamilyTree Builder 4

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2009: MyHeritage

Not-So Special Recognition 2009

Vapourware 2009: GenSeek

GeneAwards 2010


Best of 2010

Best Genealogy Product of 2010: RootsMagic 4

Best New Genealogy Product of 2010: FindMyPast Full GRO BMD Indexes

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2010: BBC / Wall to Wall

Special Recognition 2010

Most Improved Product of 2010:

Best Dead Product of 2010: Personal Ancestral File

Most Promising Product Category of 2010: Mobile Applications

Worst of 2010

Worst Genealogy Product of 2010: MyHeritage FamilyTree Builder 5.0

Worst New Genealogy Product of 2010: StamboomNederland

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2010: FamilySearch

Not-So Special Recognition 2010

Most Useless New Genealogy Site of 2010: GenealoGee

Genealogy Vapourware Award 2010: New FamilySearch

GeneAwards 2011


Best of 2011

Best Genealogy Product of 2011: RootsMagic 5

Best New Genealogy Product of 2011: Vele Handen

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2011: BrightSolid

Best New Genealogy Organisation of 2011: openSNP

Special Recognition 2011

Best Out-of-the-Box In-the-Box feature: Progeny Embroidery Charts

Most Promising New Genealogy Technology: AncestorSync

Funniest Genealogy Advertisement:'s Santa Claus Ad

Worst of 2011

Worst Genealogy Product of 2011: Funium Family Village

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2011:

Not-So Special Recognition 2011

Most Confusing Book Title: The Official Unofficial Guide to Using Legacy Family Tree

GeneAwards 2012


Best of 2012

Best Genealogy Product of 2012: RootsMagic 6

Best New Genealogy Product of 2012: RootsMagic app

Best Genealogy Organisation of 2012:

Special Recognition 2012

Most Promising Genealogy Organisation: Family History Information Standards Organisation

Best Geopolitical Videos: C. G. P. Grey

Worst of 2012

Worst Genealogy Product of 2012: GEDCOM X

Worst New Genealogy Product of 2012: WieWasWie

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2012: Central Bureau for Genealogy

GeneAwards 2013


Best of 2013

Best Genealogy Product of 2013: RootsMagic 6

Best New Genealogy Technology of 2013: LegacyTec

Best New Genealogy Organisation of 2012: Project 1950

Special Recognition 2013

Best New Trend: single cross-platform file format

Best New Feature: RootsMagic Problem Alerts

Worst of 2013

Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2012: USA Senate

Not-so Special Recognition 2013

Vapourware Award: AncestorSync

Vapourware Award: SourceTemplates