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Questions and Answers

Q: Your site does not work

Unlikely. The site consists of static web pages. It does not involve any database server or script that might fail and the pages themselves are all valid XHTML. That it is the simplest, most straightforward and most reliable site design possible.
The site can fail, for example because of a power outage, but if you are seeing this page, the site is working fine.

Q: The site does not work in Internet Explorer

The web site complies with web standards, to ensure that it works in any current web browser.
The site is works fine, it is Internet Explorer that does not work.
You are experiencing some of Internet Explorer 's many problems and limitations.
I recommend using a web browser instead.

Q: Internet Explorer does not show the site

You are probably using an old version of Internet Explorer?
Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on XP do not do a very good job of it, but may show the site.
Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on Vista misbehave like Internet Explorer 6, but there is always the trick to make Internet Explorer render XHTML.

By the way, Microsoft knows that this trick is a quick fix for the Internet Explorer problem you are experiencing, and could easily roll it out to all Internet Explorer users, yet still has not even documented it in a KnowledgeBase article.

Q: Internet Explorer 6 does not show the site

That is a very old version of Internet Explorer, and an infamously insecure one. Many major sites, such as YouTube, that went to great lengths to support old version of Internet Explorer in addition to web browsers, and are still supporting fairly recent versions, have dropped all support for Internet Explorer version 6.
You should upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 7 immediately, and also check your system for viruses, trojans and spyware.

Q: Your site is trying to download a file

No it does not. Internet Explorer is lying to you.
Visit the site with a web browser and have a look at the page code.
You'll see that it is not trying to download a file at all.

Internet Explorer contains some seriously confused logic.
It’s right hand does not know what its left hand is doing, and it ends up leveling false accusations.

Here is what really happens. Internet Explorer does not support XHTML. Because it does not know how to render the web page, its left hand decides to download the web page as a file. Noticing the left hand’s download, the right hand then decides to accuse the web site of trying to download a file...

This is a so-called false positive, and false positives are a serious security blunder.

Although Microsoft knows about the broken logic and the resulting lie, they still have not fixed this issue!

Q: The site works in Internet Explorer, but it does not look as good

Older versions of Internet Explorer 8 are not real web browsers, and simply lack the capabilities to display the site as well as web browsers do. For best results, simply use a web browser instead.

Q: Why don’t you add specific support for Internet Explorer

The site is not optimised for any particular particular vendor, product or version.
It was coded to web standards, so that it works in any current web browser.

Asking anyone to add create special support for some specific browser is rather presumptuous.
You should instead be ask the vendor of that browser to upgrade their product to a web browser; they can do so by adding support for all major web standards.

Microsoft has finally done so in Internet Explorer version 9. Internet Explorer version 9 is still in beta and requires Windows Vista XP or later, but all four major web browsers (Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) work on Windows XP and can be downloaded for free.

By the way, something to think about: many web developers who did spend time and energy making special Internet Explorer sites and pages just because Internet Explorer does not display real web sites correctly (as I did on another site), discovered find that Internet Explorer 8 no longer shows their Internet Explorer pages correctly…

Q: the IT manager does not let us upgrade to version 7

Any IT manager still deploying Internet Explorer 6 or earlier is displaying a criminal neglect of the security risks, by recklessly exposing to company to various severe threats. Allowing users to surf the web using Internet Explorer 6 sure is living dangerously.
The company PCs are probably infected already. This is a serious company-wide problem that you should address as quickly as possible.

Q: I want to visit the site using an old version of Internet Explorer

Really? Wouldn’t you rather use the latest version Internet Explorer?
If you are somehow limited to using an old version of Internet Explorer, Make Internet Explorer render XHTML provides a quick fix.

Q: We want to upgrade, but some of our web applications require Internet Explorer

If those applications do indeed require Internet Explorer, those applications are not web applications, but Internet Explorer applications. That is not the same thing.

Contact the management or the developers about upgrading these Internet Explorer applications to web applications, so that they work with any browser, and its developers do not make any more Internet Explorer applications, but web applications instead.

Meanwhile, you can use a web browser for the web and Internet Explorer for your Intranet. For Firefox and Chrome , there even are Internet Explorer add-ons to deal with IE-only sites and applications.

If you don’t like having to install add-ons, the LunaScape browser might be just right for you. It is a single browser that contains three browser engines. It is like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari or Chrome rolled into one. If you still have many Internet Explorer sites in your company, you may like that it defaults to the Internet Explorer engine.

Q: I want to upgrade, but I am used to Internet Explorer’s user interface

Internet Explorer's user interface has changed, sometimes a lot, with each version. If you do not want to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, you could try the minimal user interfaces of Opera or Google Chrome. However, you will probably feel most at home using Firefox with a theme to make it look and feel like Internet Explorer used to look. See Firefox for the Internet Explorer User.

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