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This is a quick overview of free genealogy apps for Android. Several of these apps are in still Beta, or early feature-incomplete versions, but are likely to improve. Many apps require Android 2.1 or 2.2, but some even work on Android 1.5 or 1.6.

Andy Aspell-Clark: AGeneDB

AGeneDB is the first genealogy app for Android. It is a GEDCOM 5.5.1 viewer. Development has been discontinued due to lack of donations, and it is no longer available in the Android Market. The last known release is AGeneDB version dated 2010 May 25.

BeeKeeper Labs: Family Bee Trial

Family Bee is a commercial Android app. Family Bee Trial is a time-limited trial edition of the commercial app. Family Bee is a GEDCOM viewer, or, as they call it, a family tree browser. Family Bee boasts support for ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16 GEDCOM files.

Piod Song: My Heritage

A very simple genealogy app with anniversary alarm.

Aardvarklove: DKIndex

Free soundex calculator that supports Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone and Daitch-Mokotoff. Released in 2011, requires Android 1.6.

Jiapu: Family Tree

Jiapu is's Chinese site. Family Tree is's Tree to Go in Chinese.

David Arturo Chaves: Family Browser

Family Browser is an open source family tree viewer. Family Browser does not support GEDCOM, but a custom YAML format instead.

AppsBar Anthonys: NC Genea Info

North-Carolina genealogy & history info, from the NCGenWeb Project.

AppTime: 1BGraves

AppTime's 1BGraves is a camera app that works with the BillionGraves site, a competitor to Find a Grave. The app allows you to take pictures of headstones and upload them to the BillionGraves, and uses GPS to automatically add photo location data.
Posted photos can be transcribed on the site.

JKWorth: Find Grave

The Find Grave app by Jeff Killingsworth is still in Public Beta.
The Find Grave app works with the Find a Grave site.

Threadbare Canvas Productions: Historic Graves Finder

Historic Graves Finder is an app that uses data from to help you find nearby graves by name or location.

RIPNAV Corporation: RIPNAV GPS GraveSite Locator

RIPNAV GPS GraveSite Locator is an app that takes advantage of GPS to record the location of a grave site.

HistoryPin: HistoryPin

HistoryPin is not strictly an genealogy app, HistoryPin is understandably popular with genealogist. HistoryPin is an app that works with the HistoryPin site. HistoryPin lets users pin photographs to a location on Google Maps, and overlay it on Street View.

Teedy Software: Kinship

Kinship is a kinship calculator; enter the relationship to a common ancestor for two persons, and the app tells you what their relation to each other is.

MyHeritage: FamilyConnect

FamilyConnect is an app to upload photos to The newer MyHeritage app includes that feature.

MobiWolf: GeneDroid

GeneDroid is an Android client for GeneDroid allows you to view data. account limitations do apply.

AlexV Famizeo

Famizeo is a companion app to the Famizeo desktop application and website.
French only.

Segue Technologies, Inc: ANC Grave Locator

The Arlington National Cemetery is large. This app helps you find the grave you're looking for.

RestingSpot: RestingSpot

The RestingSpot app uses GPS to to help you register and the location of buried family and friends. The app works with the RestingSpot site, where others can leave messages.

A. C. Ivory: FGS

The FGS app offers such services as FGS radio, the FGS Voice newsletter, access to the FGS blog and the FGS conference programme.

Cedrontech: Members

An app that provides Hutterite colony, geography, genealogy, and contact information available.

LiveFamily: LiveFamily

LiveFamily is an Android app that lets you access the LiveFamily FamilyTree FaceBook app The FaceBook app was previously known as FamilyBuilder. LiveFamily is owned by Intelius, an American company best known for providing background checks. Ancestry introduced an iOS variant early in 2011, the Android variant late in 2011. The Ancestry for Android Beta started on 2011 Nov 3, and Ancestry for Android was released on 2011 Dec 21.
The app allows you to edit your tree on

MyHeritage: MyHeritage

MyHeritage is not a native Android app. It requires Adobe AIR to run. The MyHeritage app works with the MyHeritage site. The app is free, but requires a MyHeritage account, and MyHeritage account limitations do apply. MyHeritage version 1.0, introduced 2011 Dec 14 is a read-only app, because the MyHeritage Family Graph API is still read-only. MyHeritage version 2.0, released 2013 Jan 9, allows editing.

SourceQuest: ezGED Viewer

The ezGED Viewer is a GEDCOM viewer for Android with that supports GEDCOM 5.5 and 5.5.1.

AppTime: Family History Media

Family History Media is for use with the Family History Notebook site. The app is free, the site is freemium.
It is an app to photograph documents, capture video and record audio.

Dmitriy Konyuhov: The Family Tree of Family

This Android app is an addition to the commercial Windows and Linux app available at, but version 1.0 does not synchronise with those, nor import or GEDCOM files.

Coret Genealogie: Genealogie Werkbalk Mobiel

Coret Genealogie has introduced Genealogie Werkbalk Mobiel (Genealogy Toolbar Mobile), the mobile variant of the Genealogie Werkbalk. Genealogie Werkbalk Mobiel is not a browser toolbar, but an Android app created with Conduit Mobile.

Arnon Hershkovitz: Cousinator

Another cousin calculator. Family Seek

Family Seek is an app to search the FamilySearch Family Tree (formerly known as New FamilySearch). A login for FamilySearch Family Tree is required.

FamilySearch: FamilySearch Indexing

FamilySearch app for document indexing on your mobile device.
FamilySearch discontinued the FamilySearch Indexing app on 2014 Mar 11. It is no longer available for download.

CWIC Technologies LLC: Obituary

The Obituary App provides access to USA newspaper obituaries.

CDIP Mes Arbres Généalogiques

Mes Arbres Généalogiques is an Android app by CDIP, known for the desktop application Généatique 2012 and the genealogy hosting site. Mes Arbres Généalogiques is a free genealogy viewer created to be used with; it downloads your data from to your Android device for local viewing.
The site and the Mes Arbres Généalogiques app are in French. There is no English edition.

Hakan Ardo GedTreeFree

GedTreeFree is a GEDCOM viewer for Android.
GedTreeFree is the free edition of GedTreeFree.

Friends Reunited My Keepsafe

My Keepsafe is a photo organising app from Friends Reunited with support for sharing to FaceBook and twitter.
It is available for both Android and iOS.

Happy-Memories My Roots

Happy-Memories My Roots is a free Japanese genealogy application for Android.
The app is in Japanese, there is no English user interface. Releases for Windows and iOS are planned.
The company offers paid genealogy research services.

Mocavo: Mocavo

The Mocavo app is a free app for the Mocavo search engine.
The app is free but features may require a Mocavo account or subscription.

23andMe: 23andMe Mobile

23andMe Mobile is a free app from 23andMe.
The app not only allows 23andMe customers to view their genetic results, but also includes some fun Questions & Answers for everyone.

Saving Memories Forever: Saving Memories Forever

The Saving Memories Forever app is a free app that works wiht the Saving Memories Forever website. The app is free, the website is freemium.

NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice: Family History

Family History is a free app by the Australian New South Wales (NSW) Department of Attorney General and Justice. The app allows free searches through the NSW Birth, Marriage and Death registers. Official copies of birth, marriage and death certificates can be bought from within the app.

FamilyGTG: FamilyGTG Free

The FamilyGTG Free app is the free edition of the commercial genealogy app by Family Get-To-Gether (GTG). Initially a GEDCOM viewer. Since version 1.1, FamilyGTG allows you to edit your data. The free edition allows only one active database, offers limited tree navigation, and supports just one bookmark.

Major Forms: Grave site location

Grave site location is a free app for recording grave site information, created by Major Forms, a company that uses it MajorForms app to turn forms into apps. The app does not work together with any genealogical application or site. Skyldleikur

Skyldleikur is an Android app to access the Íslendingabók (Book of Icelanders) website and play the relationship game.

SigmaSoft: Islboknet

Islboknet is an Android app to access the Íslendingabók (Book of Icelanders) website. Skyldleikur

Skyldleikur is an Android app to access the Íslendingabók (Book of Icelanders) website and play the relationship game.

Sad Engineer Studios: ÍslendingaApp

Íslendingabók is the Book of Icelanders. ÍslendingaApp is an Android app to access the Íslendingabók website.
User can bump their phones to see how they are related. The app not only includes a Birthday Calendar to ensure that you never miss another birthday, it also features a discreet incest alert.

Thanos Adamidis: Contacts Family Tree

Contacts Family Tree is a simple family tree app, that can take advantage of your mobile contact. Does not support data import or export. The so-called export and import functions are actually backup and restore functions.

AppGeniusDeveloper: Family History

Family History (Keep Calm and Research Family History) by AppGeniusDeveloper is an app for accessing The app is free, an subscription is not.

GeneaNet: GeneaNet

The GeneaNet app lets you view your GeneaNet family tree, even if you're off-line; the app downloads you tree to your device for off-line viewing.
Requires a free GeneaNet account. Version 2.0 released on 2013 Jul 24 is the first public version. A future version will allow editing.

Mike Parsons: Progeniture

Progeniture by Mike Parsons is a free GEDCOM viewer. It is also one of the few app that requires Androids 3.0 or later.

名字由来net: 家系図 (Family Tree)

家系図 (Family Tree) is an Android app for 名字由来net (, Surname Origin). It is available in Japanese only, but there also is an English app, Kanji Name.

名字由来net: 家系図 (Family Tree)

家系図 (Family Tree) is an Android app for 名字由来net (, Surname Origin). It is available in Japanese only, but there also is an English app, Kanji Name.

名字由来net: 家系図 (Kanji Name)

Kanji Name is an English-language Android app that will transliterate your name into Japanese (Kanji, hiragana and katakana) and show the meaning of the kanji used.
Note that foreign names should only be transliterated into katakana.

Isoft SRL: Origins

Family tree app for Android. Has a Romanian description, but an English interface. Requires registration. Supports photos. Does not support GEDCOM import or export.

Diamond Edge: Are we related?

Are we related? by Diamond Edge attempts to answer the question whether you are related to some acquaintance, and if so, how you are related. It tries to do by having both of you to log into FamilySearch Family Tree, so results, if any, aren't very reliable.
Are we related? requires Android 4.0 or later.

RootsMagic: RootsMagic

The RootsMagic app for Android is a free viewer for RootsMagic databases, provided as a companion to RootsMagic for Windows. It works with both RootsMagic Standard Edition and the free RootsMagic Essentials.

Genealogy Supplies: TreeView

TreeView is a genealogy editor that works with the free TreeView site, which can be accessed through both and

CDIP: GeneaQuiz

GeneaQuiz is an app that quizzes your genealogy knowledge. There are some general questions, but the focus is on knowing your own genealogy. A module for Généatique for Windows can prepare the quiz database.

EonSoft: 호칭 계산기 , 촌수 계산기

호칭 계산기 , 촌수 계산기 (title calculator) is a Korean relationship calculator.


2012-01-07: instant update: The Family Tree of Family

The Family Tree of Family version 1.0 was introduced yesterday.

2012-01-08: instant update: Genealogie Werkbalk Mobiel

Coret Genealogie has introduced Genealogie Werkbalk Mobiel.

2012-01-11: Cedrontech Members

Added Cedrontech Members, an app that provides Hutterite genealogy information.

2012-01-15: David Arturo Chaves: Family Browser

Added David Arturo Chaves: Family Browser.

2012-01-30: Arnon Hershkovitz: Cousinator

Added Arnon Hershkovitz: Cousinator.

2012-02-02: Family Seek & FamilySearch: FamilySearch Indexing

Added Family Seek & FamilySearch: FamilySearch Indexing.

2012-04-30: Hakan Ardo GedTreeFree

Added Hakan Ardo GedTreeFree.

2012-05-01: CDIP Mes Arbres Généalogiques

Added CDIP Mes Arbres Généalogiques.

2012-05-20: CDIP Famizeo

Added Famizeo.

2012-05-20: Android market becomes Google Play

On 2012 March 6, the Android Market became Google Play. All links have been updated.

2012-06-04: the obituary app

Added the obituary app.

2012-08-06: Friends Reunited My Keepsafe

Added Friends Reunited My Keepsafe app.

2012-08-06: Happy-Memories: My Roots

Added Happy-Memories My Roots app.

2012-09-22: Mocavo: Mocavo

Added Mocavo app.

2012-11-20: several additions

Added 23andMe: 23andMe Mobile, Saving Memories Forever app, NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice: Family History, FamilyGTG: FamilyGTG Free, Major Forms: Grave site location, Tribal Pages: Family Tree app.

2013-01-09: MyHeritage 2.0

Version 2.0 of the MyHeritage 2.0 app upgrades it from a genealogy viewer to a genealogy editor.

2013-04-16: Skyldleikur, Islboknet, & ÍslendingaApp

Added Skyldleikur, Islboknet, & ÍslendingaApp for Íslendingabók.

2013-04-22: Contacts Family Tree

Added Contacts Family Tree.

2013-07-06: AppGeniusDeveloper Family History

Added AppGeniusDeveloper Family History.

2013-07-29: GeneaNet

Added GeneaNet app.

2013-08-13: FamilyGTG 1.1

FamilyGTG is no longer a GEDCOM viewer, but an editor. Text updated.

2013-10-29: Mike Parsons: Progeniture

Added Mike Parsons: Progeniture.

2013-12-09: リクルーティング+スタジオ株式会社: 家系図 (Family Tree)

Added リクルーティング+スタジオ株式会社: 家系図 (Family Tree).

2013-12-09: リクルーティング+スタジオ株式会社: Kanji Name

Added リクルーティング+スタジオ株式会社: Kanji Name.

2014-01-12: Diamond Edge: Are we related?

Added Diamond Edge: Are we related?

2014-02-07: RootsMagic for Android

Added RootsMagic for Android.

2014-02-12: Genealogy Supplies: TreeView

Added Genealogy Supplies: TreeView.

2014-03-12: FamilySearch Indexing

The FamilySearch Indexing app is no longer available.

2014-03-27: CDIP GeneaQuiz

Added CDIP GeneaQuiz.

2014-04-10: Eonsoft 호칭 계산기 , 촌수 계산기

Added Eonsoft 호칭 계산기 , 촌수 계산기.

2014-04-18: Aardvarklove Inc: DKIndex

Added Aardvarklove's DKIndex.

2014-04-18: Isoft SRL: Origins

Added Isoft SRL's Origins.