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Family Tree Maker would like you to use Family Tree Maker 2012, but there are several very good reasons why you are probably using another product. Many who tried the product did not like it, but chances are that you did not try it, simply because FTM 2012 isn't cheap and Ancestry did not offer a trial edition. has offered two Public Betas for New Family Tree Maker; for Family Tree Maker 2008, the first version of New Family Tree Maker, and for Family Tree Maker 2012, the version that introduced TreeSync, but Ancestry has not offered a trial or lite edition of New Family Tree Maker - until now.

Family Tree World Express

Major competitors provide lite editions of their full products. Millennia provides Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition, the lite edition of Legacy Family Tree Deluxe. RootsMagic provides RootsMagic Essentials, the lite edition of RootsMagic Standard Edition. MyHeritage provides Family Tree Builder Regular, the lite edition of Family Tree Builder Premium. Now, provides Family Tree Maker World Express, the lite edition of New Family Tree Maker.

free download

Family Tree Maker World Express (FTMWE), but it is othe is a free download. You do need to register and log in to download it.
The download is a full installer of about 135 MB, and installation is no different from installing Family Tree Maker.
I experienced a few errors the first time I started FTM World Express, but it ran fine the second time I started it.

You can install FTM 2012 World Express alongside FTM 2012, just don't install them into the same directory. Simply accept the default directory, and you're fine. FTM 2012 defaults to installing in %PROGRAMFILES%\Family Tree Maker 2012. FTM 2012 defaults to installing in %PROGRAMFILES%\Family Tree Maker World Express.
Family Tree Maker is a Microsoft .NET application, and you can not only have multiple versions of the same .NET application installed at the same time, you can even run multiple versions at the same time.

lite edition

Family Tree Maker World Express (FTMWE) is a lite edition of Family Tree Maker. There seems to be no overview of the differences between the full edition and World Express available yet, but as soon as you see the lite edition you immediately notice that it does not the same number of tabs as the full edition. Family Tree Maker 2012 has seven main tabs along the top: Plan, People, Places, Media, Sources, Publish, and Web Search. FTM World Express has only three tabs: Plan, People, Web Search; The Places, Media, Sources and Publish tabs are missing.

FTM World Express offers all basic functionality. FTM World Express can import from and export to FTM 2008/2009, FTM 2010, FTM 2011 and FTM 2012 databases. FTM World Express will also import PAF databases, includes GEDCOM import and export, and features TreeSync.
The inclusion of TreeSync should not surprise. TreeSync is a key feature, not just of Family Tree Maker, but of's approach to family trees. They are not giving away a great feature, they are making it easy for you to give your data to them, because it is only after you do so, that you can access your tree on Ancestry's web site, on your tablet and your smart-phone.

That is offering a lite edition of Family Tree Maker for free is big news, that they are offering Family Tree Maker in another language than English is even bigger news.


Well, actually, the three tabs aren't called Plan, People, and Web Search, but either Plan, Personen and Internetsuch or Översikt, Personer and Webbsökning, depending on whether you installed the German or Swedish variant of FTM World Express.

You can download the German variant from, and the Swedish variant from You must login to download the file, but you probably don't need to register; you can login using your credentials.

FTM World Express German Home Page

That is offering a lite edition of Family Tree Maker for free is big news, that they are offering Family Tree Maker in another language than English is even bigger news. Several competing products, most notably Legacy Family Tree and Family Tree Builder, are already available in a number of languages.
There is no reason to assume that will only offer German and Swedish variants of FTM World Express. It is likely that other languages will follow. Now that there is a lite edition, there is likely to be serious demand for an English release, and one can hope that Family Tree Maker 2014 will be a International Edition that will include them all.

summary has released Family Tree Maker World Express. This is a lite edition of Family Tree Maker, and it's available as a free download.
FTM World Express is currently available in German from and in Swedish from
It is likely that releases for other languages will follow.


Family Tree Maker World Express

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