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GEDCOM X goes public


Up until today, the GEDCOM X site said Welcome!, but it really meant bugger off.

GEDCOM X home page

Today, the GEDCOM X site has gone public.

GEDCOM X home page

GEDCOM X defined

The GEDCOM X home pages promotes GEDCOM X as an open standard for genealogical data communications.
It claims GEDCOM X is the technological standard whereby genealogical data is stored, shared, searched, and secured across all phases of the genealogical research process and that GEDCOM X defines the fundamental building blocks of genealogical data and is the foundation of integration with the genealogical development community..

GEDCOM X goals

The GEDCOM X site lists the follow GEDCOM X goals:

Let's make it easy for people to:

  • Discover their family and heritage, preserve their identity, and publish their life story.
  • Reduce duplication of sources, relationships, and identities.
  • Identify people in photos, in documents, on gravestones, and in other sources of information.
  • Keep track of the progress made in family research.
  • Distribute and share genealogical information.

GEDCOM X community

FamilySearch has been developing GEDCOM X in isolation, but the GEDCOM X sites stresses the value of collaboration:

The Value of Community:

  • Development will happen more quickly.
  • The standards should meet the needs of a wider range of family history products and services.
  • The people who shape the standards will be in the best position to use them effectively.
  • We can better incorporate the requirements of the mobile and social media technologies that have already changed the way we discover and share family history.
  • Those who create genealogical apps and services should be involved in shaping the standard toolset.


All that is on the GEDCOM X home page. Additional pages discuss the GEDCOM X model, API Profiles, and Community. There is an About page, a page specifically aimed at developers and a FAQ page.

GEDCOM X model

open source

FamilySearch has been creating GEDCOM in secret. Last year, the GEDCOM X article not only revealed the GEDCOM X project, but also revealed that FamilySearch was using a public site for development of the GEDCOM X, and that you could download it from there.
Today, FamilySearch officially opened up the GEDCOM X project on GitHub. You can download the GEDCOM X code from the official project page now, and if you browse around there, you'll find the GEDCOM X wiki.