Modern Software Experience


Can I link to your site

Of course. I’ll even throw in some Link Buttons for you to use.

Can I quote you

Copyright applies to all articles, but so does fair use.
Limited quoting is fine, just make clear that it is a quote and provide a link back to the source.

I’d like your opinion on something

If you want a quote about something specific, clearly identify yourself and the intended publication. State your question clearly and unambiguously. If you would like the quote before a certain date and time, state so in either UTC or my local time. You will either have it by that time or have to do without.
Quoting from already published articles is a sure-fire way to get a quote before your deadline.

You did not answer my email

I am sorry, but I simply get too much mail to answer each and every one individually.
The contact page already warned you that although I read a lot, most mail goes unanswered.

You made an mistake

I will gladly correct factual mistakes. Just point out the error and what it should be.

I disagree with you

Hurray for independent thought.

You can’t spell

I use a spelling checker to compensate for that.
Feel free to alert to me to any errors that slipped by.