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site copyright

This site and its design are copyrighted, and all rights are reserved. All original content is copyright, and all rights are reserved. The copyright does not just extend to the site proper, but includes the Internet Explorer Mini Site.

fair use

Fair use applies. You do not need to ask permission to quote a few sentences. You should make it clear that the text is a quote and that is a quote from this site. Doing so by linking back to the site is fine, but I suggest you link back to the page it occurs on; your readers will appreciate a link directly to the original text.

However, if many of your readers are still using Internet Explorer, especially version 6 and earlier, you may want to include a note that they need a real web browser to visit to this web site. No such note is needed if you link to the site without linking to a particular page; Internet Explorer users will arrive on the Internet Explorer Mini Site, which informs them about its limitations and their upgrade options.


Republication in a digital medium is not allowed, but you can freely link to the original. Republication in paper publications can be negotiated on a case by case basis.


Usage of original graphical designs is royalty-free but restricted. A limited usage license is granted for scenarios that meet the conditions described below. You need not ask permission for those cases. If you violate the conditions for any graphic, permissions for all graphics are withdrawn.
If you have some other usage in mind, you must ask permission first.

All graphic designs


You must provide your own bandwidth. The graphic must be copied to your own server, site or blog, where you control its usage. You may not copy it to some third-party image hosting site or image image sharing site.


The graphic may not be altered or used as part of a larger design and must be displayed in its entirety, without anything overlaying it.
It may not be redrawn and its colours or aspect ratio may not be changed. It may not flash or blink and may not be used as a button or icon.
It may be resized to better fit a page, and (X)HTML makes it easy to do so.


The graphic must link back to the appropriate page on this site using a real, direct link; it may not be some script or other URL redirection service. The img tag must include an alt attribute and its value must be appropriate.

site logo and buttons

The site logo should link to the site without specifying any particular page, not even the home page. The appropriate alt attribute is the site name.
Paper publications should display the site name and link below the logo.

When used together with some other awards or logos, the site logo may not be significantly smaller than any of the other graphics.

All Awards

The appropriate page for an award graphic to link to is the particular award page. The appropriate alt attribute is the specific award name (tip: the page you link to should have the same graphic, and it includes the right alt attribute).
Paper publications should display the award name and the link below the graphic.

When used together with some other awards or logos, the award graphic may not be significantly smaller than any of the other graphics.

When used in a awards display, the award display should be either chronological or antichronological. In other usage, the oldest award should come first, but when the focus is design the oldest design come first.


Only winners are allowed to use an award graphic as an award. For awards that includes both Best Of and Worst Of, only Best Of recipients are considered winners. Recipients of a Worst Of award are not provided any graphic for display as an award.

Winners are each granted those rights for the specific award they’ve won only (the one for the right year and category).

Winners are allowed to place the graphic on the appropriate product page, their awards page and a celebratory post about the award. Use on the home page is allowed, as long as it is clear (without following the award link) what product or services the award applies to.

Winners are additionally allowed to use the graphic in press releases celebrating the receipt of the award, promotional literature and on product packaging. Printed promotional literature and product packaging may use the graphic without providing a link to the award page if it includes a link to the product page, and the product page includes the award graphic with a link back to the awarding page.

fair use

Articles about the awards may use the appropriate award graphics as an illustration. Articles about the GeneAward should use the gold flower design, or use the specific award for the winner under discussion.