Modern Software Experience

Alas, I do get more mail than I can possibly reply too.
I try to read a lot, and interesting remarks are sure to influence my ramblings.

For personal assistance with computer hardware and software issues, contact your local specialists, computer shops and societies.
For help with genealogical questions, contact a local genealogical society.
For help with your genealogy software, contact the vendor or a user group.
For assistance with your Dutch genealogical research, ask the Central Bureau for Genealogy to bring you into contact with a Dutch genealogical researcher specialised in a particular area.

That said, I do like to be informed about serious software defects, especially when you reported them to the vendor years ago already, they confirmed receipt, even confirmed it is a defect, yet still have not fixed it.

If you are really, absolute positive that you need some answer from me and no one else, then you also know how to write a mail that is sure to get my attention.

Tamura Jones.