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free online publishing's Family Tree Maker 2012 Public Beta for New Family Tree Maker's TreeSync feature is getting lots of attention, and understandably so. Not only have users have been asking for synchronisation for years, it will also be the only major feature; it is the feature that can make or break the Family Tree Maker 2012 release.
However, there is a lot more happening on the site. Early this year, discontinued its Expert Connect program. In May, introduced Ancestry Web Search. Another major new programme, currently in beta, is Ancestry Content Publisher.

Ancestry Content Publisher Beta

Ancestry Content Publisher

The Ancestry Content Publisher programme is aimed at genealogical societies and other organisations that have records collections they'd like to make available online. is offering to host the digitised records, and help you convert them into indexed, searchable collections, and do so for free.

features and benefits

The current Ancestry Content Publisher programme home page prominently lists the following four features and benefits:

how it works

The home page also explains how it works:

  1. Upload & Organise
    Create and organise your records and images into a collection.
  2. Index to make searchable
    Use simple tools to identify the names, facts, and dates in your records.
  3. Share
    Publish your collection with your organisation's own brand and share with your patrons.


Before you can upload your collection, you need to digitise it first. is not offering a digitisation service as part of this programme, that is something you need to have done already to participate in this programme. does offer some digitisation recommendations on the Ancestry Content Publisher FAQ page:

The FAQ also notes that Ancestry will resize and compress images for optimal viewing on the Internet, and warns that you should always keep the original on your own system and your backups.

These are recommendations only. accepts several common image file formats. You are also free to use essentially any file naming scheme you like, as long as you stay away from uncommon characters.

pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to the Ancestry Content Publisher programme. Some Ancestry Content Publisher Considerations highlights the key issues - and suggest an alternative programme to consider.


2011-09-08 has announced the Community Contribution Programme, to host indexes of genealogical records.


Ancestry Content Publisher

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