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1911 Census


The 1911 Census of England and Wales is online. Searching the site is free, but viewing transcriptions or original documents is not. The 1911 Census web site is a pay to view site for which you must buy a minimum amounts of credits.


Although most English counties are on there, not all are. One of blog posts gives full details. Missing are the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the military, and quite a few counties in Wales.
Scotland is completely absent. The Scottish census will not be available until 2011.

limited features

When I tried the search just now, briefly after midnight, the site was quite responsive, but as word gets out, the site is likely to slow down a lot.

It may even go down, but to try and prevent that from happening, some advanced features are temporarily turned off.


Some search features that are unavailable now include wildcard search, search without surname, variant spelling searches and address searches without street names.

other features

It is possible to download original pages and then view them on your own computer. The ability to view pages online is temporarily disabled.

Another limitation is that only the principal page for each household will be available for now. There often are multiple pages. All pages are included in the cost, the others can be downloaded later.

restricted access

To prevent the site from going down or becoming unusable, the site may restrict the number of people entering the site. That way, those who are already on it can complete their searches, and when you do get on, you’ll know that you will be able to complete yours.


I just did a quick spot check of the index and am pretty sure I found my English grandparents in there as kids.


2009-01-13 midday million

At midday, one million searches had been performed already.

2009-01-14 first day 3,4 million

The servers kept running fine, and served 17,4 million pages to handle 3,4 million searches by 645.000 unique visitors. Find My Past has posted a mini-feature about preparing the census web site.

2009-01-15: browser, pricing, coverage

Older browser may not accept compressed pages; recommends using Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome.

The site current has a pay as you go pricing scheme. An all you can find fixed subscription fee will become available through Find My Past.

The currently available records include 88 % of the records for England, and 83 % of all records.

2009-01-15: Legacy template

Millennia has created a template for use with the 1911 census. It will be in the next update. Meanwhile, the blog post has instructions for downloading and installing the updated Legacy10.dbm file manually.

2009-01-20: first week & search features turned on

In its first week, the site served 52 million pages, and performed 11,4 million searches for 1,85 million visits by 1,1 million visitors.

Now that the initial rush of traffic is slowing down a bit, more site features are being enabled. It is now possible to search using wildcards.

2009-04-08: All English counties now complete

All remaining English counties have been done. Welsh counties are next.

2009-06-18: 1911 Census complete

The 1911 census is complete.